Scald and Sear

Location Yaesha
Race Pan
Weakness Head/ Rot (+10%)
Resistance Fire (-50%)Frost (-15%)
Ads Fleshopede

Scald and Sear are a pair of Bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes

Scald and Sear Location

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Scald and Sear Strategies

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Strategy Writeup


Phase 1: Sear (Flying Boss)
  • Sear is the more aggressive of the pair and will pursue the player while launching fire bombs. However, Sear has comparatively low health and fights in the open, proving an easy target. Draw him into isolation, target his head while dodging his attacks - and he'll go down quickly. 
Phase 2: Scald (Crossbow Boss) 
  • Scald prefers to fight at range. He is tougher and deals more damage than his counterpart and will frequently re-position and fire from cover. Given his elusive nature, if fighting at range, high damage, single-shot weapons are preferred, or weapons capable of inflicting damage over time.
  • Scald's attacks will often set the area on fire, so whether engaging up close or at range, exercise extreme caution especially on higher difficulties. Remember that rolling is very effective at nullifying the BURNING status ailment.
  • Throughout this stage Scald will repeatedly summon 2x Fleshopedes. Retreating to the upper level on either side of the arena will bottle-neck them and allow players to more safely engage them. 
Gear Tips 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Sear (Flying Boss)
Fire bomb: It will cast a firebomb and throw it at you Try to dodge to either side.
Scald (Crossbow Boss)
Fire volley: It will shoot a fire volley at you dealing high damage and Burning you Try to run to either side until the volley is over.



Scald and Sear Lore

Sear is a Zephyr. The Zephyr is a subspecies of the Wrin, a winged race subjugated by the Pan long ago. Highly intelligent and loyal, the Wrin form the vanguard of the Pan army employed as the scouts, guards and assassins of the nobility. The Zephyr’s primary weapons are its Bolas, an entangling weapon made up of three incendiary weights connected by a thin filament. With a quick snap of its wrist, the Zephyr can ignite the Bolas and fling them with unerring accuracy at its intended target. Impact from the weapon can cause devastating burns and knock a victim to the ground.


Scald and Sear Notes & Trivia

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Scald and Sear Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      26 Aug 2020 03:36  

      this boss is legitimately one of the worst in the game. it's incredibly easy to kill the flier, but the ads are OP, and the crossbow guy himself does WAY too much damage in an oversized AOE. and it runs away, so you can't cheese with turrets.

      • 24 Aug 2020 15:59  

        I feel kind of sad, that I tried really hard, to kill them in the reverse order(hunter first and flappy second) and there was no special drop. I know, that it sounds spoiled, but this game usually delivers when it comes to this kind of detail in bosses. Still a great boss fight though! Love it!

        • 19 Aug 2020 16:07  

          Definitely one of the easier bosses in the game, particularly compared to other bosses that late in the game. It took me two tries on hard, and the only reason I died the first time was because the crossbow guy did 100% of my health bar with one attack from below me through a bridge.

          Just run to the right and follow the edge until you reach a dead end, there you have plenty of time to fight the flying guy before the crossbow guy will reach you. There is plenty of space to run around and dodge the fire bombs, and with a decent DPS weapon it shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to kill him.

          Crossbow guy is a little harder since his projectiles are much faster and harder to dodge, but you can cheese him out completely by just using the dog summon which you're guaranteed to get. The dog can solo the boss while you keep running away. Kill the adds to recharge the dog when it despawns. I summoned my dog at the start of the fight, and by the time I had killed the flying guy (about 45 seconds in) the dog had done a third of the crossbow guy's health bar. Their health bars are really tiny.

          • Anonymous

            14 Jun 2020 21:21  

            The exploit is no longer working, it seems. Tested at top of stairs, bottom of stairs, and slightly over bridge with sniper and particle xlr8er. No notes on this particularly in swamps of corsus (running this, on ps4) but there's been a number of other fixes here.

            • Anonymous

              10 May 2020 15:35  

              Getting to this boss in survival ends your run if you haven't bought coolant. Love how the boss can move across the cluttered arena faster than his flying companion, while it takes ages for you to get from one side to the other. Oh, right, as you're moving, he has at least three lines of sight on you at all times. Even if you dodge the bolts with RoE and Akari's, you'll get Burn procced, then you eat up your stamina rolling it off, and he shoots you again. This is the only boss in the game that feels genuinely unfair, especially with the ads.

              • Anonymous

                27 Jan 2020 10:52  

                So this fight is really glitched. So you can kill them before you get into the arena if you've died once and you're a good enough shot to hit them through the slit between the fog gate and the bridge, as you can even rest at the crystal to get ammo back and keep shooting without them recovering health as long as you haven't gone inside yet, so using a sniper rifle can mean you can kill one or both before you even get inside, if you have the patience, typically just Flappy Boi as the crossbow dude walks around. And you can get set on fire through several walls even if you dodge the shot because apparently all he's got to do is pull the trigger to instantly ignite you. Considering the bolts themselves are easy to avoid, this is particularly buggy. After I died the first time because I couldn't see through all the smoke from the shots and was eaten by those snake scorpion things, I killed Flappy Boi with a sniper rifle from outside the arena and went in to fight Crossbow Dude because I was getting impatient waiting for him to walk around to where I could hit him through the gate. That time I died from the fire tick and the snake summons together. So third time I just ran in because I didn't have the patience to try sniping again, and this was the buggiest attempt of all, because Flappy Boi vanished from existence after I shot him once, which was weird, but w/e, so I crouched behind the cover when you first get into the room and focused on the Crossbow guy... Who did not fight back. Like he literally just stood there up on the bridge and let me unload my assault rifle into his face over and over until he died. He didn't try to dodge or shoot back or flinch when I shot him, nothing. But Flappy Boi's health bar was still at the top of the screen. I found him in a corner room, or more accurately, I found his wings flapping through the floorboards. The snake adds were the biggest threat there, as I could only slash wildly at his wings with my sword hoping to damage him, but he wasn't able to hit me at all. If I could time it right, my magnum did a lot of damage, but his wings are fast enough that most of the time I just shot the floor. The snakes don't drop ammo, either, so that's just an annoying thing that kind of removed the entire point of adds, as I thought they were only there to provide ammo. Not so for this fight. What hilariously ended up killing Flappy Boi was the fire tick from my sword, Smolder. Apparently they can't take what they dish out.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Oct 2019 19:29  

                  I have to agree with all negative comments. Little dude stuck in the floor for me. Big dude just ridiculous. His every shoot even if he misses sets you on fire. Turrets deal with him in no time but it just bad design.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Sep 2019 22:09  

                    ***** wildfire shot, I need sears crossbow, boi can set everything he misses on fire. One shot in the air = Bye Groot.

                    • Anonymous

                      22 Sep 2019 14:11  

                      For me this fight was somewhat bugged. First Sear decided to fly under the wood construction, and then scald got stuck in the ground. So i killed Sear first and then I just kept hitting the ground hoping it would hit Sears wings. Obviously no challenge like this...

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Sep 2019 12:10  

                        An incredibly badly made boss fight, you're constantly on fire, the fire will get you -despite- you dodging the projectiles, you may even suffer the fire debuff through the walls. Not sure which of the programmers who made this boss fight but it pains me that he was paid a salary when he should have been ordered to redo this because of the numerous bugs.

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Sep 2019 02:21  

                          I never had any problems evading, but damn was i rolling around to douse out the flame right after using all Coolants smh. Easy boss when keeping distance.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Aug 2019 20:26  

                            Didn't seem that tough, just kill the little guy right away and have some coolant handy. Not sure why people that just complain about the difficulty of boss fights waste their time playing a game like this, instead of just finding a simpler game to play that they might acctually enjoy...

                            • Anonymous

                              28 Aug 2019 16:55  

                              before the fight if you stand back you can hit him before going thru the smoke wall aim just below the bridge

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Aug 2019 15:54  

                                *****ing awful boss. Tiny ass arena full of obstacles, but the boss doesnt even need to hit you to set you on fire, and has a volley of shots ALL of which will set you completely on fire if they hit you once along with doing high damage. Flying guy is reasonable to deal with, but after you kill him you get low budget Crawmerax's running about constantly, which don't drop ammunition (in my experience). Oh, and make the boss unable to be headshot. Whoever designed this guy is an idiot.

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