Root Horror

root horror remnant
Location Yaesha
Race Root
Weakness Head
Resistance Armor 15pts (-13% Damage)
Ads Infectors
Reward Guardian's Blessing Trait

Root Horror is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Root Horror Location

  • Location: Yaesha - Guardian Shrine requiring Strange Curio which can found at the back of the Stuck Merchant cart.
  • The boss will appear after you unlock the statue that has the Radiant Visage inside.
  • The Boss may not spawn in your playthrough, and you will need to re-roll your Campaign/Adventure Mode to find it. 

Root Horror Rewards









Root Horror Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

After you insert the Strange Curio into the slot, the Radiant Visage will drop and the Root Horror will appear from behind you. This boss fight has two phases. On the first phase you will fight inside the dungeon, when the boss has 50% health it will escape outside to kill the Stuck Merchant, you can follow him and finish him to obtain the Guardians Blessing trait.

The boss weak spot is its head. Try to shoot there to deal critical damage.

 Phase 1:

The boss can use three different attacks inside the dungeon. It can throw a Root Bomb at you, dealing damage and leaving a cloud of Root Rot. Try to dodge to either side and focus on his head.

It will occasionally spawn ads, try to dispatch them as soon as they appear.

When its close, it will perform a three hit combo with one hit from each side and one from above. Try to dodge backwards two times to reach a safe distance and keep firing at him.

When the boss reaches 50% health it will escape leaving the room. The boss will go outside to kill the Stuck Merchant, you quickly leave the room to avoid it.

Phase 2:

Once outside you will find the Root Horror at full health once again. Outside it will perform the same attacks and add a new one conjuring an explosion at your feet. Try to run in the circular area of the battlefield while keeping a safe distance. Always Aim for the head to deal critical damage.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (More than 50% Health)
Root Bomb: It will throw a bomb at your location dealing damage and leaving a Root Rot cloud Dodge to either side, try to stay away from the cloud.
Spawn ads: It can spawn root ads Dispatch the ads as soon as they appear.
Three hit combo: It can perform a melee combo with one hit from each side and then one of the top Dodge backwards two times and then to either side when it strikes from above
Phase 2 (Outside)
Root Explosion: It will stick its hand into the ground and glow red. After a short period, an explosion will come out at your feet. Run to either side while firing at the Root Horror



Root Horror Lore

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Root Horror Notes & Trivia

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Root Horror Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      The Second Phase Triggers At The Merchant Pan, Didn't Know He Will Kill Her So I Get The Ring Free... And My Dumbass Was Gathering 100K The Whole Time XD

      • Anonymous

        It looks like it's possible to get the helm but NOT trigger the boss, as it only showed up after grabbing the skill book on the altar in front of the statue.

        • Anonymous

          1st enconter im ded, so im going back to merchant but the merchant ded too only leave the ring, after i take the ring boss REappear and im ded again, so now im lost can't find this boss for the 3rd time

          • Anonymous

            In order to complete this boss you have to find him in the dungeon that requires the strange curios, and part way through the battle he runs away. You have to go back to the merchant and pick up his ring to start part 2 of his fight hope this helps

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