mccabe2 remnant
Location Ward 13

McCabe is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes.



McCabe Information


Merchant's Inventory:

 Item Price
hot shot weapon mod remnant from the ashes wiki guide 64px
Hot Shot
750 Scrap
hunters mark weapon mod remnant from the ashes wiki guide 64px
Hunter's Mark
750 Scrap
menders aura weapon mod remnant from the ashes wiki guide 64px
Mender's Aura
750 Scrap


McCabe related Quests:

  • Stranger in the Base


Location of McCabe


McCabe Notes and Tips

  • Voiced by: Erica Lindbeck



Ace  ♦  Bo  ♦  Clementine  ♦  Commander Ford  ♦  Flautist  ♦  Founder Ford  ♦  Graveyard Elf  ♦  Houndmaster  ♦  Hunter (NPC)  ♦  Iskal Queen  ♦  Keeper Of The Labyrinth  ♦  Krall Mother  ♦  Mad Merchant  ♦  Mar'Gosh  ♦  Mud Tooth  ♦  Navun  ♦  Reggie  ♦  Rigs  ♦  Root Cultist  ♦  Root Mother  ♦  Sebum  ♦  Sebum's Bodyguard  ♦  Stuck Merchant  ♦  Vargyl  ♦  Wallace  ♦  Wasteland Good Boy  ♦  Whispers  ♦  Wud


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    • Anonymous

      McCabe: "Keep moving."
      ***** I am over here using floating crystals to jump through portals, slaying ****ing fire breathing dragons made out of wood, fighting murder ninja pandas, wading through swamps, sprinting through deserts on a scorched world populated by a blind race whose chads wear mammoth skulls, and fighting all sorts of weird and creepy **** straight out of everyone's nightmares. The least you can do is keep that damn mouth shut while working that ratchet on that ****ing rusting engine in the corner like a good little grease monkey.

      • Anonymous

        Me: *Not looking at, speaking to, or bothering McCabe*
        McCabe: *long drawn out sigh as if I've just asked to borrow some money for the 8th time* What is it now?

        • Anonymous

          At least let us kill NPCs for stuff before we re roll new campaign. I think mudtooth is the best they should have him hidden in each world just biting the living **** out of something to death lol

          • Anonymous

            There was a leak from a developer blog about a quest to secretly romance McCabe, but that the quest's chance is 0.2975%.

            This only works in story/world mode. The hint is that there should be 2975 written in a wall SOMEWHERE on earth, for you to know that you have the quest.
            This means that you will have to check every single ****ing wall (provided that it did not bug out, as the developer stated that the graffiti could be on the other side of a wall)

            The quest's name is Sunder (might be a reference to the japanese word Tsundere)

            If you were lucky to have the quest (the condition listed above) , make sure that you have one of each crafting material (Ancient Core, Barbed Sinew, etc...)
            This means that you won't be able other equipment. Now assuming that you had the patience to play through this nightmare, In yaesha you will find a heart shaped patch of oil on a ground. Interact with it , and you will find a glowing wrench. Hurry back to the ward and interact with McCabe. There a cutscene will follow about where
            you found the wrench and she describes the wrench as an otherwordly material, which is shaped as wrench but not exactly a wrench. This is the first time she would laugh and tells you about a dream about equipping survivors with the best gear they could have. Now you have the option to present one crafting item per ward visit (you have to exit the game, or teleport to another location to present each item)

            When you complete it , the budding story cutscene follows, and the censored (of course) sex scene.
            She will still remain cold even after bonking her, but you will unlock 10% discount on all purchases. And the secret Fortification BreakerTrait , which gives you 0.01% ability to stagger opponents.

            • Anonymous

              The reason she hates everyone in ward 13 is because they think her boyfriend abandoned ward 13 and everyone in it. McCabe knows better hence the attitude. There's an item you can find on earth, give it to her, and she'll treat you like an actual friend

              • Anonymous

                The typical npc that hates your guts for absolutely no reason, of course. I don't mind an npc that isn't fond of the protagonist for some reason, but making them have an instant hateboner for you the moment they see you is stupid as *****.

                • Anonymous

                  Insufferable *****. I hate when they put NPCs into the game with a***** aittude that you have to talk to very often. it wasn't fun in fallout 4 and it sure isn't fun in here. An option to kill her, replace her or mute her would be very welcome.

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