Blink Thief

Location Yaesha
Race Pan
Weakness Head/ Rot (+10%)Frost (+10%)
Resistances N/A
Reward Ricochet Rifle

Blink Thief is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game and to acquire special items and gear.


Blink Thief Location

  • Location: Yaesha , The Verdant Strand: Forgotten Undercroft
  • The Boss may not spawn in your playthrough, and you will need to re-roll the campaign to attempt to get it.


Blink Thief Rewards











Blink Thief Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

When you enter the Forgotten Undercroft at Yaesha, you will see the Ricochet Rifle. When you approach to take it, the Blink Thief will appear and steal it. You will have to pursue the Blink Thief across three locations and kill him before he escapes. Each location grants you 12 seconds to deal damage and try to kill him. Try to ignore the ads and focus all your damage on the Blink Thief.

If you don't manage to kill the Blink Thief before the timer ends and he disappears he will not appear again during that instance.There is a small chance of him reappearing if you die or rest at the crystal. However, that is not guaranteed as he often bugs out and won't appear if you don't kill him the first time. Only way to try again is to reroll your adventure and hope his dungeon spawns again.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Blink: It will teleport to a new location on the room Follow him and keep firing at him
Throw Javelin: It will throw a Javelin at you Dodge to either side.



Blink Thief Lore

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Blink Thief Notes & Trivia

It is possible to obtain 2 Ricochet Rifles. If you use the Blink Token mod, you can blink to the rifle and spam 'grab' to pick it up before the Blink Thief runs off with it. You can either keep the one you have and ignore him, or kill him for a second rifle.



Blink Thief Image Gallery

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    • On apocalypse, it's hard to kill him in 42 seconds (3 rounds of 14 seconds) so optimise your DPS.
      I recommend to use the weapon "Devastator" and the mod "Swarm" (on your favorite gun), the Void armor set (+25% damage on weapons and mods), the amulet "Galenic charm" and the ring "Spirit stone" which both increase mod's damages.
      Don't run after the thief, he'll wait for you ! Take the time to kill any adds you can without aggro the boss (or the timer of 14s will begin).
      When you'll engage the boss, focus him and deal as more damages as you can before he disappear. Personally, I try to begin with Swarm and then full Devastator.
      If you're lucky, the boss will reappear if you die, but not all the time (bug ?). In every run, the boss will always be at the same places (waiting for you) and only adds can change (on some runs, you can even have elites).
      A video of my first kill (apocalypse difficulty) :

      • Anonymous

        That one was weird. At first he stood there not moving and I though it was a special enemy that just bugged out. Took out half his health with my sniper until I moved a few steps closer and he woke up.
        Also I got the message that I failed but then he reappeared after a few seconds ô.o

        • Anonymous

          This encounter can be bugged. I believe it has to do with damage over time abilities and weapons. If you put a DoT on him when he teleports it starts the next encounter and you will fail. If he dies when he has bleed he will bug and not come back when you try to reset at stone.

          • Anonymous

            I didnt notice he had a timer. He is bugged. If you dont kill him the first time he never apears again. You hear the sound effect once you reach the alter that he is suppose to appear but he doesnt. Its BS,

            • Anonymous

              I was playing with a friend and we found out that you can reset his timer. We believe that headshots are what resets it.

              • Anonymous

                When i first met him i thought that he is gonna blink away a few times untill we meet at a final arena for a proper fight or something, but thats not the case you get about 3 or so chances to kill him after which its over he runs away never to be seen again in current campaign.

                • A Tip is to take as many enemies out in the area from distance boss fights don't start until the health bar pops up. Take out those little zombies then follow the steps above he has very little health. If you do fail to kill him it prompts you with a failed mission under the mission tag kill the Blink thief. Rerolling your Campain if you get him again you get another chance to kill him for the first time again. But even if you die during the this, like I did and failed you still have a total of 3 jumps So if he jumps twice your rip its starts over and he is full health if you can burst him with that first 12 secs you do still get it as the first try reward. But failing or not you still get the eh Crossbow.

                  • Anonymous

                    Heads up if you use the black hole on the bridge it can drag the blink thieves off and glitch them below the map. as long as the final third one is alive you can still get the rifle though.

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