Orb of Undoing


You wanna redefine yourself, kid? Go ahead. 'Round here, no one lives long enough to remember who you used to be anyway.

Orb of Undoing is a Consumable item in Remnant: From the Ashes.



 Orb of Undoing Use and Effect

  • Resets all spent trait points.


How to Find Orb of Undoing



Orb of Undoing Notes & Tips

  • Use this at the end of your first playthrough in to reallocate points in less useful Traits into more useful ones.



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    • Anonymous

      keep in mind that you will lose trait points. so your LVL will no longer match your trait points. each trait starts at rank 1 when you acquire it, but resetting causes all traits to be rank 0, and you don't get those points "back" to spend. meaning you will lose a rank in all those traits you didn't use, (even if you don't rank them, the first rank was free anyway, so it's only beneficial) this includes your 3 starting ones like health and stamina etc. which will cost you 3 trait points. ideally, just don't make a mistake and you won't lose those points, and you'll keep the benefits of all those unused traits being rank 1 for free.

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