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Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 7.5m
Max Ammo 28
Critical Hit Chance 5% 
Weakspot Bonus 100%

Shotgun is a Long Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes


Jerry-built, rusted, finnicky at best... but damn if it don't kill Root good. Watch the kick though--it smacks harder'n anything you might try to kill.

Where to find Shotgun

  • Can be acquired from Ace by selecting the Scrapper Archetype.
  • Can be purchased from Rigs for 600 Scrap


How to use Shotgun


Comparisons to Coach Gun

The Coach Gun  is the other shotgun available at the beginning of the game, and it directly compares to the Shotgun. Compared to the Coach Gun, the Shotgun:

  • Deals more overall damage when all pellets hit.
  • Has larger spread, and therefore has a smaller effective range. Although the weapons are listed as being only a meter apart in effective range, this only effects the damage drop off from the gun. The shotguns needs to be almost point-blank to hit enemies with all it's pellets, and deal full damage.
  • Has a much larger clip size.
  • Has a much longer reload.
  • Has a much longer delay between shots.

The shotgun is ideal for players who are good at managing enemy aggro, and makes an excellent supplement to melee-heavy play styles. It is best for players who prefer a sustained fighting style and who don't mind using all their weapons.


Shotgun Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage
Shotgun 130
Shotgun +1 143
Shotgun +2 156
Shotgun +3 169
Shotgun +4 182
Shotgun +5 195
Shotgun +6 208
Shotgun +7 221
Shotgun +8 234
Shotgun +9 247
Shotgun +10 260
Shotgun +11 273
Shotgun +12 286
Shotgun +13 299
Shotgun +14 312
Shotgun +15 325
Shotgun +16 338
Shotgun +17 351
Shotgun +18 364
Shotgun +19 377
Shotgun +20 390



Shotgun Notes

  • High damage per shot. Suited for close-range builds.
  • The grip on the pump is likely inspired by the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw Grip. Said attachment is mostly a meme in reality.



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    • Anonymous

      This gun is hilariously OP when used with Hunter's Set, Gunslinger's Charm Hunter's Ring, Hunter's Halo, and all relevant Traits. Some of the best close range burst damage in the game honestly. Hunter's Halo basically doubles the damage fall-off range, Hunter's Set/Ring stack raw damage/weakspot damage AND tighten the spread which helps with mid range engagements, whilst the Gunslinger's Charm buffs its DPS. Shoot weakspots and just watch as everything deletes itself.

      • Anonymous

        To anyone who hasn't used this at further range, it has a broken property of stunning enemies at about 15-25m away, meaning you can literally just shoot the shotgun and whip out a magnum to finish a smaller enemy off. This doesn't work too well on bosses but does really well with regular enemies and elites. Plus in early game this plus hot shot basically means everything dies in 1 hit.

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