Founder Ford


Location Yaesha

Founder Ford is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes.


Founder Ford Information

  • Location: Founder Ford can be found in Yaesha.


Associated Quests

  • He will provide you with Founder's Key to gain access to Ward 17. After you get the key, you need to find the mirror located at the bottom of Ward 13.



  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Darin De Paul
  • His first name is Andrew.


Founder Ford Lore

  • Ford is the founder of Ward 13.

  • He is Commander Ford’s grandfather.

  • Root Mother is his wife.

  • The world stone is what made Ford immortal. He had to find the Root Mother to become mortal again.

  • Singe is not the same dragon you fight at the end of Chronos. Ford was referencing that dragon (Clawbone). (Chronos prequel to Remnant)

  • Ford learned, through his years of studying the Root, that they are hive minded and there could be a main mind to destroy to bring an end to them.

  • He traveled to Rhom in hopes of finding a way to stop the Root because he learned that Rhom fought the Root and was able to push them back. He met the Akari and tried to seek information from them and was told that the Undying King had nuked the world to get rid of the Root.

  • He went to Corsus and suspected something was going on because he noticed the land used to have progress but it was abandoned. He tried talking to the Iskal Queen but couldn't gain anything from her and decided to leave.

  • Ford met Navun when the Pan nobles trapped him and his men in a cave and slaughtered them. Navun found him wounded and far from the cave, and healed him. She then helped him get back home. Ford returned many times to help her in building the rebellion against the Empress. In his last trip from Earth, he told Navun he wanted to stay and live on Yaesha and help the rebels fight. The two became close friends over the course of their work. Ford was captured later to be used as a bait to lure Navun out because she was their target, being the rebels' leader.


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    • Anonymous

      04 Apr 2021 17:52  

      So i got the key and opened up the portal, I then went back into rhom to get the akari set as that was the only thing I hadn't completed. Upon returning the portal was closed, the computer was locked, and i no longer have the key. What am I supposed to do?

      • Anonymous

        17 Sep 2020 12:30  

        This guy must be the grandson of Henry Ford, considering this game takes place in the 1960's. What? Does the last name not give it away?

        • Anonymous

          11 Sep 2020 13:45  

          How the hell is there a trivia tip on something that doesn't even exist yet? Chronos isn't even out yet and we have no idea what final boss it will have.

          • Anonymous

            28 Aug 2020 18:00  

            There is a ton of misinformation on this page, for example Clawbone is not the dragon at the end of Chronos. I don't want to reveal any story points but Clawbone is an important figure in Remnant, not one who died in the prequel.

            • Anonymous

              24 Aug 2020 23:16  

              the page needs atualization, theres a lot of new lore with the new DLC, and he is not immortal, where these people find this?

              • Anonymous

                16 Aug 2020 22:12  

                The wiki states "The world stone is what made Ford immortal. He had to find the Root Mother to become mortal again."
                Where does it states that he had to find the Root Mother to become mortal? It seems like this line came completly out of nowhere

                • Anonymous

                  20 Sep 2019 06:23  

                  I’ve completed the game twice, and this third time I can’t find Ford. I’ve been every inch of the zone 4 times. Bug?

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Sep 2019 06:08  

                    I absolutely hate how there's so much they've left undone. There's so much more potential to this game than what it shows. Don't get me wrong, great game, but I spent the whole damn game looking for this guy, and he just gives me a key. No dialogue from the NPC's except the root mother when I get back. Commander Ford is basically useless after you leave Earth.

                    • Anonymous

                      31 Aug 2019 05:44  

                      cannot find key to open Fords prison cell. I see him sitting there, where do i find the key to open his cell?

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Aug 2019 22:46  

                        His wife was the Root Lady - read her diary in the Church. Her name was Evelyn Cedar Ford before she joined the hive mind of the Root as an oracle/interface of sorts. Nadine was their daughter. She forgets a lot of this after joining the Root but the granddaughter Commander Ford comments on how she navigates Ward 13 as if she’s been there before.

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