Provisioner Ring

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Status Effect

 Firearms reload over time while stowed

Provisioner Ring is a Ring and an accessory in Remnant: From the Ashes. Provisioner Ring isn't a Craftable Item.

This ring reloads one round at a time to the stowed weapon, with the speed depending solely on the maximum ammunition of the weapon, and higher ammunition counts yielding higher reload speeds. Therefore, the rate at which it reloads can (only) be increased by the Stockpile Circlet.


The key to survival? Always be prepared. Keeping your guns loaded doesn't hurt neither.


Where to find the Provisioner Ring

  • You need to defeat Singe or The Ent in Hardcore Mode in order to get this ring. 
  • This item is Account Bound, this means that it can be used across on all your characters (this includes new characters and already created ones in both normal and hardcore difficulty).


Provisioner Ring Notes

  • Players can equip up to two Rings.
  • To manage and equip rings, open the Character Menu and cycle to the accessories slot below the Armor slots.
  • As an example, the Chicago Typewriter with 320 max ammo reloads roughly 10 rounds per second, taking 8 seconds to fully reload, while the Crossbow with 25 max ammo reloads its 1 shot in roughly 1.5 seconds, or .66 rounds per second.







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    • Anonymous

      This ring doesn't work reliably in multiplayer as a non-host. The refill doesn't sync correctly.

      I.E: The towed away gun's mag looks filled but it flips to zero when you switch back to it. Very often (almost always) it refuses to refill at all, no matter how long you use the other gun or use melee etc.

      Because the switch increase DPS, so it doesn't work properly in co-op means the ring's essentially worthless outside of hosting/soloing.

      • Anonymous

        bandit set, onyx pendulum, stockpile circlet, this ring, AR, SMG.

        Most fun I had in the game. straight DPS better than osseus/radiant crit for me.

        • Anonymous

          Great ring and one of my favorites. Big DPS increase on guns with long reload time like beam rifle and chicago typewriter.

          • Anonymous

            The reload speed as of right now is depending on your gun max ammo capacity, if you increase it by using the ring (I don't remember the name) the reload speed will increase too.

            • Anonymous

              Hardcore Mode is not the dificulty hard. When you create a character you can choose hardcore. Its the ironman mode that is unfortunetly named... That means if you die your character is no longer playable.

              • Anonymous

                The three difficulty levels you can choose during your game are not the ones this refers to. The 'Hardcore' this means is when creating a new character. If you choose hardcore, you get one life and one life only. If you die, that character is ended permanently. You can choose hardcore during character creation and then choose normal difficulty. The goal is to make it all the way through the game without dying one time. if you die, game over for that character and you have to create another if you want to try again. Hope this helps.

                • Anonymous

                  For those who dont understand you dont need to beat it on nightmare. You NEED to start a new game in hardcore mode and then beat the boss, you can do it in normal difficulty. Then the ring will be available for all your saves.

                  • Anonymous

                    At the moment I defeated the Ent and Singe on hard mode multiple times, with multiple I mean the Ent about 8 and Singed about 5. I killed the Ent on Nightmare Mode 1 time now but with the alternate method. I havn't got the ring yet. I have 2 guesses what happenes here: 1. The Ring has only a drop chance, this would be missing here. 2. The drop is bugged. Either way this posibiliteis need to be in the wiki. I hope we ringless people get this figgered out at some day. Good Luck to all!

                    • Anonymous

                      So I found this on normal and not on hardcore, without beating the bosses... Just, found it, randomly. idk

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