Location Rhom, Stalker's Den
Race Buri

Houndmaster is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes.


Houndmaster Information

  • Houndmaster is a Merchant that provides Consumables.
  • Location: Rhom.
  • In order to buy the Houndmaster's Jerky, you need to interact with the fire closest to him from the side closest to the door and exhaust his dialog.
  • Access to Control Rod and Ancient Construct:
    • Break the Houndmaster's "horn" (control rod), a couple of shots or a shotgun blast will do the trick and when it starts to glow, the Control Rod should be visible. Maul will then attack it's master. If you die the Houndmaster will not respawn and you will receive the Control Rod when Maul is defeated provided that the device has been broken before.
  • Place the Control Rod into the chest of the Vyr automaton outside of Wud's shop in Rhom and it will activate. This begins a boss fight against the Ancient Construct, which yields the Ancient Core.
    NOTE: You must have Houndmaster and Wud's shop in the same map to be able to activate the Ancient Construct.
    You cannot keep the Control Rod. It will be removed from your inventory when you re-roll the world.


Merchant's Inventory:

 Item Price
Houndmaster's Jerky
500 Scrap


Associated Quests

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  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • "mmHmm...Take a Seat."
  • "Quiet now."
  • Your noise is digging your grave."
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Noshir Dalal
  • Trivia and such go here

 Houndmaster Lore


  • Houndmaster was a member of one of the Buri tribes found on Rhom.

    According to the Houndmaster, the Undying King would send his Vyr warriors to choose people from the tribes and it was considered an honor among the Buri. He discovered later that the chosen ones are killed. He was able to escape and went back to his tribe but was shunned by his tribe for his actions.

    The Houndmaster later found a pack of hounds and started living with them, and considered them his family. 

    The pack did not attack the Houndmaster because of the Control Rod on his forehead which allowed him to control the hounds. Once broken, the hounds were free and Maul attack and killed him as a result.

  • The rumor the Houndmaster heard about the Undying King grinding bodies into powder to maintain his immortality is false. His source of immortality is Rhom's guardian (pool).



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