Commander Ford

commander ford remnant
Location Ward 13

Commander Ellen Ford is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes.


Commander Ford Information

  •  Commander Ford is in charge of Ward 13.


Commander Ford related Quests:

  • Stranger in the Base


Location of Commander Ford

  • Commander Ford can be found at Ward 13.


Commander Ford Notes and Tips

  • Voice Actor: Cissy Jones.


 Commander Ford Lore




Ace  ♦  Bo  ♦  Clementine  ♦  Flautist  ♦  Founder Ford  ♦  Graveyard Elf  ♦  Houndmaster  ♦  Hunter (NPC)  ♦  Iskal Queen  ♦  Keeper Of The Labyrinth  ♦  Krall Mother  ♦  Mad Merchant  ♦  Mar'Gosh  ♦  McCabe  ♦  Mud Tooth  ♦  Navun  ♦  Reggie  ♦  Rigs  ♦  Root Cultist  ♦  Root Mother  ♦  Sebum  ♦  Sebum's Bodyguard  ♦  Stuck Merchant  ♦  Vargyl  ♦  Wallace  ♦  Wasteland Good Boy  ♦  Whispers  ♦  Wud


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    • Anonymous

      Honestly, it's sad to not have her back in Remnant 2, but it's still great to hear about her in dialogue and lore.

      • Anyone notice Ford looks like the older woman from The Walking Dead? Don't remember the characters name, but she's the one with the abusive husband at the beginning and that the crossbow huntsman seems fond of.

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