The Tangled Pass is a Location in Remnant: From the Ashes. It is a bossless dungeon on Earth that leads to The Artery; it is a Root infested area. It usually contains one random spawn location item and one Tome of Knowledge.

The Tangled Pass

General Information


Materials & Consumables

  • ??x Bloodwort
  • ??x Bandage
  • ??x Lumenite Crystal
  • ??x Adrenaline

Equipment & Upgrades

  • Can have one random spawn location item

Key Items

  • none




The Tangled Pass is a dungeon located on Earth. This area usually contains one random spawn location item and one Tome of Knowledge. The dungeon is plagued with Root Enemies such as Archer, Ash Devil, Defiler, Devil, Hollow and Rot Wart. At the end of the Dungeon players will find The Artery; where the boss The Mangler awaits.

The Dungeon looks like a shallow river covered in Root plant life.


Trivia & Notes:

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