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Conjures an electrical storm centered around the caster which discharges lightning strikes that deal 40 SHOCK damage to nearby enemies within 35 meters and reduces incoming damage by 50%. Lasts 12 seconds.

Storm Caller is a Weapon Mod in Remnant: From the Ashes. Weapon Mods are components that grant active abilities which can be used in and out of combat. These Mods provide a variety of effects including dealing damage, healing, buffing players and more. Most Mods can be freely slotted in and out of standard Weapons, while the unique Boss Weapons have their own Mods that cannot be removed. Weapon Mod abilities require Mod Power to use, which is generated by attacking enemies. 


Remnant Storm Caller Mod Information

Storm Caller is a Damage-focused mod that allows the caster to channel a storm around them, with a huge 35-meter area of effect, periodically striking enemies with lightning. Each strike deals 30 Shock Damage. While the effect is active, the caster floats into the air and can move freely, with increased movement speed and a 50% damage reduction. However, they cannot jump, perform dodges or shoot. The effect can be cancelled manually by pressing the cast button once again.

Storm Caller can be a devastating mod for clearing areas quickly, and is very effective in dungeons where enemies tend to be bunched up together. It benefits from Mod Damage and Elemental Damage bonus effects and, despite not being listed anywhere in the description, the mod also deals explosion damage and will benefit from Explosion Damage bonuses.

Storm Caller Mod Properties

  • Mod Power cannot be generated for Storm Caller while its effect is active.
  • Storm Caller can manually be cancelled by casting it again while the effect is active. However, this will completely empty its Mod Power charge regardless of when you cancel it.
  • Storm Caller's damage per hit is affected by the level of the Weapon the mod is slotted into. Each weapon level increases the damage dealt by each lightning strike by +4. At Weapon Level 20, each lightning strike deals 120 damage.
  • Each lightning strike's damage is further affected by Mod Damage effects, such as those provided by the Evocation Trait.
  • Shock Damage is considered Elemental Damage, and is therefore affected by the Wisdom trait and similar effects. It can also be improved with the Storm Amulet which specifically boosts Shock Damage.
  • Storm Caller also deals Explosion Damage and is affected by the Demolitionist Trait and similar effects.
  • Note that Elemental Damage and Explosion Damage bonuses are not reflected in the mod's description in the menu, but are included in the damage calculations.
  • Vulcan's Detonator grants Storm Caller a +25% damage bonus and will afflict enemies with the Burning effect, dealing damage over time. Note that in multiplayer, allies can also be set on fire with this combo. Without the amulet, Storm Caller will not deal damage to allies.
  • Storm Caller's duration is affected by Mod Duration bonuses, such as those granted by the Concentration Trait and the Cultist's Armor Set's bonus.


How to Obtain Storm Caller in Remnant: From the Ashes

Storm Caller can be crafted by McCabe in Ward 13 by providing her with the following materials:


Remnant: From the Ashes Storm Caller Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes & Tips for the Storm Caller Weapon Mod go here.



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    • Anonymous

      Main thing about it, you also damage enemies A LOT if you fly near them while mod is active.
      So if you got crowded, it will destroy smaller mobs in 1-2 seconds. Stronger enemies may take about 5-8 seconds of flying around, depending on type of enemy.

      • Anonymous

        I know this is probably super obvious, but don't try to fly over and electrocute ixillis while this is active. You'll fly gloriously for about one second and then fall to your death. It was my sixth solo boss on survivor, too.

        • Anonymous

          Awesome mod for clearing packs/areas and bosses with many adds. Swarm has better single target DPS, but Storm Caller literally made "A tale of two Liz's" a breeze on Hard. I do have a mod-centered build right now with Labyrinth set, Galenic charm and mod traits maxed and this mod clears entire areas/maps in one or just a few uses.

          • Anonymous

            Heavily buffed in the Swamps of Corsus update. You can now move during the casting and ending animations instead of being stuck in place and can return to shooting etc much faster during the ending animation. You move much faster whilst flying around, about the same speed as sprinting. You take hugely reduced (50% less) damage whilst flying. The lightning strikes much more frequently now, the size of the "contact damage" aura you have whilst Stormcaller is active has been increased, so enemies no longer need to be touching you directly to take damage. You are immune to other status effects whilst Stormcaller is active. And if you really need to, you can now cancel Stormcaller early by hitting the button again. Overall this mod is now really good. A combination offensive/defensive mod that provides some hefty bonuses to keep you alive whilst also dishing out auto-targetting AoE damage that ignores line-of-sight and melts anything that dares come near you. Not being able to use your guns during those 12 seconds is awkward and still as much of a downside as it has always been, but the mod feels so awesome to use that you won't care. It was like a D / F-ranked mod before, but after these buffs it's either a very high C or a solid B-tier.

            • Anonymous

              I get that Stormcaller's lightning is somewhat random and this mod is similar to that effect he has but they really should add a method of attack that isn't getting in melee range and staying there or hoping a lightning bolt will hit. If anything they should allow you to at the very least create a targeted area that will either get struck by a huge bolt of lightning for significantly more damage at the cost of duration or a method to target an area where in lightning bolts will strike with significantly higher frequency.

              • Anonymous

                Extremely cool looking mod. Activating it causes your character to hover above the ground and makes your eyes glow blue, you can continue flying around for the duration of the storm. The lightning is fairly random, without any enemies around it will strike totally at random, with enemies around it will tend to target them, but not every bolt will target them. The biggest downsides of this mod that cripple it is the fact that whilst flying you are totally incapable of shooting or dodging, so your damage output actually takes a big hit whilst your survivability goes down too. One of the reasons Swarm for example, is so popular, is because you can shoot whilst it is active, and the fact that you can't shoot whilst using Storm Caller is a big negative. One lesser known fact about this mod is that whilst active you deal contact damage to all enemies that come near you, the damage isn't very high but it does tend to stagger enemies and combined with the lightning strikes can actually allow this mod to deal some decent damage. There is a fun occasional bug that can occur even in single player that causes your character to continue flying even after the storm is over, you can't cancel this state until you take damage. Overall rating: D, but it gets an S for style.

                • Anonymous

                  Significantly worse than Swarm in almost every way. Less dps, less hit frequency, shorter duration and it stops you from doing anything but move while it's on.

                  • Anonymous

                    Fun use of this is combining it with the eye of the storm you place overload on group of enemies and use this while behind cover it will trigger every overload and hit through the walls without you ever being hit. Found this fun thing out although would love for this ability to get a buff like maybe a damage boost, more hits per second, increase movement speed, or even allow us to use the melee attack button to hurl bolts of lighting at targets giving us more to do in the ability since we end up stuck inside of it for so long.

                    • Anonymous

                      Up the duration to 20 and make it apply overload effect,but If you really want to run this I recommend full radient set with corrosive aura on 2nd weapon,basicly does 40% more damage, then use strom amulet,the ring that gives 15% more crit after a kill and either devourers ring or heart seeker,this does a 3 hit per second lightning aura plus the lighting bolts which can do decent damage,aura doing 102 or 105 crits and bolts doing 500+

                      • Anonymous

                        this mod would have been cool if i were able to do other things while this mod does its shoot my gun,use my 2nd wep mod,dodge etc or just buff the damage of this mod and make it apply overloaded to the enemies.

                        • Anonymous

                          Seems as if melee stats affect this mod. Putting the melee leech ring made the bolts heal me.The melee bleed ring also had my bolts bleeding targets it crit. bug maybe or am i missing something?

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