Effect Fires a projectile that banishes enemies into another dimension for 4 seconds. When they return, they'll take 1.25x the damage from the Repulsor's primary fire for 8 seconds. Powerful enemies won't be banished, but will take increased damage from the Repulsor.

Banish is a Weapon Mod in Remnant: From the Ashes.

How to Find Banish

  • Comes equipped inside the Repulsor when crafted and cannot be removed.

Banish Notes & Tips

  • Has 3 charges.
  • Bonus damage  increases with the weapon's level, up to 1.60x; it is NOT affected by Mod Damage.
  • Banish duration and bonus damage duration are NOT affected by Mod Duration.
  • Can affect also allies, but with reduced duration.


Weapon Mods
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