Location Rhom
Race Buri

Wud is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes


Wud Information


Merchant's Inventory:

 Item Price
Ammo Box
200 Scrap
100 Scrap
Heavy Water Elixir
50 Scrap
Jewel of the Black Sun
400 Scrap
Mender's Charm
400 Scrap
Osseous Helm
700 Scrap
Osseous Husk
1.750 Scrap
Osseous Kilt
1.050 Scrap


Associated Quests

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Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Omri Rose
  • Trivia and such go here



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    • Anonymous

      There are many breakable things in and outside of his shop, on the shelves and under them, so you can get some scrap to spend at him.

      • Anonymous

        For those who can't get the armor set to spawn after buying his secrets in adventure mode, he won't let you buy the fifth until you open the gate near him. After that he will offer the fifth secret and the set afterwards (reloading doesn't help, open the gate first). TLDR: Open the gate then buy his fifth secret. Also, pet the friggin' dog because holy crap that mod is insane to start hardcore runs with, especially with the Ritualist starter. It's always up, unless poor doggo dies to AoE, with a 60s base duration and very fast recharge without using the weapon to gain charge. It's 120s with Ritualist full set, although you can easily get away with just need the mod regen from one piece.

        • Anonymous

          If you unlock the armor or trinkets and they don't appear in his shop just teleport to the ward and back and he will have them for purchase.

          • Anonymous

            Theres an enemy body outside his shop that can have something put in its chest. I don't know what to put in it though

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