Control Rod


The Hounds were the old Buri's family. 
I guess even family will turn on you, given the
right motivation.

Control Rod is a Key Item in Remnant: From the Ashes. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs, or are dropped by Bosses.



 Control Rod Usage

  • Place the Control Rod into the chest of the Vyr automaton outside of Wud's shop in Rhom and it will activate. This begins a boss fight against the Ancient Construct, which yields the Ancient Core.
    NOTE: You must have Houndmaster and Wud's shop in the same map to be able to activate the Ancient Construct.
    You cannot keep the Control Rod. It will be removed from your inventory when you re-roll the world.



How to Find Control Rod

  • Drop by Maul
  • Break the Houndmaster's "horn", a couple of shots or a shotgun blast will do the trick and when it starts to glow, the control rod should be visible. Maul will then attack it's master. If you die the Houndmaster will not respawn and you will receive the Control Rod when Maul is defeated provided that the device has been broken before.



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    • Anonymous

      dckhead coding, spawn houndmaster and not wud, then other way around for next 10 rolls. throat punch me some developer nerds.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe I was lucky... But I found the item from a random mob within Shackled Canyon. Adventure mode, and also got Wud the same time :D

        • Anonymous

          For my experience, i hit the houndmaster in his head and then he stay freeze in a shocked state. Maul didnt kill him, i do and i take both the item: collar and rod

          • Anonymous

            Far and away this is the most annoying RNG. Honestly you guys couldn't have taken two seconds to make sure that the two are tied?? A dozen rerolls, finally get the rod. No wud. Devs blew it.

            • Anonymous

              Before you die, make sure to break the horn first on the Houndmaster and let Maul kill him. When you die and respawn, you can still defeat Maul and get both items.

              • Anonymous

                This part is so stupid... why cant you get it off his corpse? Now i have to replay the whole game again to get it...

                • Anonymous

                  heads up for people that want this, the "horn" that you need to break is that mask thing on his face, wiki should specify this, it will start to shortcircuit when broken and then the dog will kill him, win the fight and you get both this and the collar

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