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Increases chance to double the amount of Lumenite Crystal acquired on pickup when killing Elite enemies.

Base Value

+1.5% Chance to Double Lumenite Crystal drops.

Max Value

+30% Chance to Double Lumenite Crystal drops.


Give the Opalescent Shell to Mar'Gosh on Corsus. (Adventure Mode only)

Luminescent is a Trait in Remnant: From the AshesTraits are special passive abilities tied to character progression. They provide a large variety of effects including increasing core stats, improving offensive and defensive capabilities or providing quality of life upgrades. Traits are the key to building a character in a player's preferred playstyle, allowing them to branch off from their chosen Archetype. Traits are obtained by performing certain feats, defeating certain enemies or completing objectives and quests. Each Trait can be ranked up to Level 20, further improving their effects. 


The building blocks of all that lives and all that the vyxworm would consume. They call out to us.


Remnant Luminescent Trait Effect Information

The Luminescent Trait increases the chance to double the amount of Lumenite Crystals dropped by Elites by +1.5% per Trait Point invested, up to a maximum of +30% Chance at Level 20.

Lumenite Crystals are a type of resource used to craft and upgrade the unique Boss Weapons. Luminescent is one of those Traits that is useful early on but quickly loses value after a while, when you are practically swimming in Lumenite Crystals. Additionally, there is a ring that can be found as a random spawn on Yaesha called the Pearl of Luminscence which provides the same effect but with a +70% chance. This is a much better alternative when you need to farm for crystals as it does not take up any Trait Points which are better spent elsewhere.


How to Obtain Luminescent in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Luminescent Trait can be unlocked as follows:

  • Luminescent's acquisition has some very specific requirements which may require several re-rolls of Corsus to achieve:
    1. Roll a Corsus Adventure Mode session until you have one with the Abandoned Throne event. This is the same area where you will find the Iskal Queen in the Campaign, but in Adventure Mode, she will not appear. Instead, you will find several non-hostile beetles roaming the area.
    2. Kill the beetles until the Mudling Beetle Queen spawns. This could take a long while as beetles will continually spawn as you kill them. 
    3. The Beetle Queen is larger than the standard beetles and will be hostile when she spawns. You will also get a quest objective pop-up to kill her. The queen will immediately run away from the area and you will need to chase her down while dealing damage to her. Once she's down, you will receive the Opalescent Shell.
    4. Re-roll Corsus until you get a dungeon called Strange Pass where Mar'Gosh is located. In the same dungeon, you can find Iskal Infector enemies who can afflict you with the Parasite Status Effect. You must acquire this effect before entering Mar'Gosh's lair. The effect turns Mar'Gosh non-hostile and allows you to interact with him which will unlock the Luminescent Trait. He will also act as a vendor, selling the Carapace Set.
  • Requires the Swamps of Corsus DLC to unlock.


Remnant: From the Ashes Luminescent Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes for the Luminescent Trait go here.
  • All Traits can be ranked up by spending Trait Points on them. Trait Points are acquired primarily by obtaining Experience Points and leveling up. Every 1,500 Experience Points obtained grants 1 Trait Point.
  • Trait Points can also be acquired by finding and picking up Tomes of Knowledge which randomly spawn in the major locations of each world.
  • Traits can be reset by using an Orb of Undoing, acquired at the end of main Campaign. After completing the Campaign, these orbs can then be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 for 2,500 Scrap apiece.



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