Opalescent Shell


"Light swims and swirls across the creamy surface. Mesmerizing..."

Opalescent Shell is a Key Item in Remnant: From the Ashes. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs, or are dropped by Bosses.


 Opalescent Shell Usage

  • Can be given to Mar'Gosh when spoken to with the Parasite status ailment to acquire the Luminescent Trait. 
    • You'll get a Trait Point if you already own the Luminescent trait.


How to Find Opalescent Shell

  • Can be acquired from the Mudling Queen Beetle from the Abandoned Throne event in Corsus. Mudling Queen Beetle appears after you kill many other beetles around the the Abandoned Throne.


Opalescent Shell Notes & Tips

  • You need to kill a lot of beetles to make the Queen appear, so it's suggested to use a weapon with a big ammo pool.
  • If you fail to kill the Queen and she escapes, she won't appear again and you'll need to re-roll the world.
  • While the Large & Small Green beetles cannot be directly targeted by Weapon Mods, the Mudling Queen Beetle can be. It is suggested to conserve Weapon Mod usage until the Queen has spawned.
  • The maximum number of Opalescent Shells possible to have at one time is always one at maximum. Selling an Opalescent Shell to Ace  and then acquiring another one will cause the one in Ace's inventory to disappear, making the item impossible to stack.



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    • Anonymous

      I believe you need to simply kill 50 beetles in one spawn (i.e., without resting at the gem). I was counting and the beetle spawned right after my 50th beetle kill.

      • Anonymous

        If you use song of swords mod you can buff the beetles to see where they are, helps a ton when the tiny baby ones spawn.

        • Anonymous

          To anyone struggling with this one just be patient and kill the bugs as quickly as possible even the very tiny ones not just the big ones. It takes a while but a quest marker appears when it is activated so you cannot miss it.

          • Anonymous

            I have killed both large and small beetles around the abandoned throne numerous adventure re-roles. I'll usually kill 20-30, and then move on. I've done this at least 12-15 rerolls. I STILL haven't seen the Queen Beetle yet.

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