Last Resort

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Offensive (General)


Increases all damage dealt when Health is below 15%.

Base Value

+1% Low Health Damage Bonus

Max Value

+20% Low Health Damage Bonus


Defeat Harsgaard in Reisum. (Campaign only)

Last Resort is a Trait in Remnant: From the AshesTraits are special passive abilities tied to character progression. They provide a large variety of effects including increasing core stats, improving offensive and defensive capabilities or providing quality of life upgrades. Traits are the key to building a character in a player's preferred playstyle, allowing them to branch off from their chosen Archetype. Traits are obtained by performing certain feats, defeating certain enemies or completing objectives and quests. Each Trait can be ranked up to Level 20, further improving their effects. 


The Root nearly claimed the Earth and all other worlds with it. But when folks are getting killed, you can always count on the remnant that's left to rise from the ashes and fight.


Remnant Last Resort Trait Effect Information

The Last Resort Trait increases Damage dealt from all sources when below 15% Health by +1% per Trait Point invested, up to a maximum of +20% Low Health Damage at Level 20.

Last Resort is a highly situational Trait as you will typically want to stay within a comfortable Health percentage since the most powerful opponents can typically take you out in just a few hits, if not a single devastating strike. It is possible to purposely drop your Health to 15% or below via self-damage in order to trigger the Trait's effects. This can be done with the use of AoE Weapon or Mod effects, such as that of Sporebloom or the Hive Cannon. For players who are skillful with evasion and maintaining the low health values, the +20% damage boost is nothing to scoff at.


How to Obtain Last Resort in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Last Resort Trait can be unlocked as follows:

  • Acquired by defeating Harsgaard, the final story-related Boss of Reisum. This encounter is only available in the Campaign.
  • Requires the Subject 2923 DLC.


Remnant: From the Ashes Last Resort Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes for the Last Resort Trait go here.
  • All Traits can be ranked up by spending Trait Points on them. Trait Points are acquired primarily by obtaining Experience Points and leveling up. Every 1,500 Experience Points obtained grants 1 Trait Point.
  • Trait Points can also be acquired by finding and picking up Tomes of Knowledge which randomly spawn in the major locations of each world.
  • Traits can be reset by using an Orb of Undoing, acquired at the end of main Campaign. After completing the Campaign, these orbs can then be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 for 2,500 Scrap apiece.



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    • Anonymous

      When dropping health below 15% I don't notice an increase to damage what so ever. I don't think the trait is actually working as intended. When checking character info for damage increase, nothing changes and mods aren't even increasing damage either. I think this trait needs to be fixed. I Haven't seen any damage increase on mobs either. I have 150hp, I drop my health bar below the Mod's middle star to indicate roughly 10-5% hp left.

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