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Offensive (General)


Increases Life Steal rate.

Base Value

+1% Life Steal Rate Bonus.

Max Value

+20% Life Steal Rate Bonus.


Complete the Rescue the Krall Baby random event in Reisum.

Siphoner is a Trait in Remnant: From the AshesTraits are special passive abilities tied to character progression. They provide a large variety of effects including increasing core stats, improving offensive and defensive capabilities or providing quality of life upgrades. Traits are the key to building a character in a player's preferred playstyle, allowing them to branch off from their chosen Archetype. Traits are obtained by performing certain feats, defeating certain enemies or completing objectives and quests. Each Trait can be ranked up to Level 20, further improving their effects. 


Some Emin believe that a powerful Krall named Geld still dwells within the depths of Blood Den. They say he's mad, wailing in the dark passages, wearing the skin and bones of the dead.


Remnant Siphoner Trait Effect Information

The Siphoner Trait increases Life Steal Rate by +1% per Trait Point invested, up to a maximum of +20% Life Steal at Level 20.

Siphoner can be a very powerful Trait when you have the proper equipment to go with it. It should be noted that the Life Steal Rate bonus does nothing if you do not have any equipment that grant the Life Steal Effect equipped to begin with. The most notable examples of such equipment are in the Rings category of accessories:

  • Soul Link - Causes Summons from Weapon Mods to heal the player for a portion of the damage dealt with every attack.
  • Bloodletter's Insignia - Bleeding effects applied by the player onto enemies will heal them with every tick.
  • Leech Ember - Causes Melee attacks to heal for 5% of the damage dealt.

The Riven scythe also has an inherent Life Steal property, and the Warlord's Set causes Dragon Hearts to grant temporary Life Steal and a hefty damage buff upon consumption, at the cost of disabling the Hearts' healing component and imparting a negative effect that drains the player's health over 30 seconds. Finally, there is the Nightmare Spiral which grants a base 6% Life Steal effect to all ranged hits, but is very difficult to obtain as it requires playing in Hardcore Mode and defeating The Dreamer.

All of these effects are affected by the Life Steal Rate bonus granted by Siphoner.


How to Obtain Siphoner in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Siphoner Trait can be unlocked as follows:

  • Acquired by completing the Rescue the Krall Baby random event in Reisum. This event requires you to find a caged baby rat that can spawn in The Wuthering Keep or The Wild Reach, and free it by destroying the lock on the cage.
  • This event is linked to the Krall Mother, an NPC that has a chance to spawn in the Chillwind Hovel area of Reisum. See the Krall Mother page for details.
  • Requires the Subject 2923 DLC.


Remnant: From the Ashes Siphoner Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes for the Siphoner Trait go here.
  • All Traits can be ranked up by spending Trait Points on them. Trait Points are acquired primarily by obtaining Experience Points and leveling up. Every 1,500 Experience Points obtained grants 1 Trait Point.
  • Trait Points can also be acquired by finding and picking up Tomes of Knowledge which randomly spawn in the major locations of each world.
  • Traits can be reset by using an Orb of Undoing, acquired at the end of main Campaign. After completing the Campaign, these orbs can then be purchased from Reggie in Ward 13 for 2,500 Scrap apiece.



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    • Anonymous

      As somebody who has gotten this trait on two different characters, trick I did was to locate the mother first and see if she is missing a baby. Still not guaranteed, but it's significantly easier to find the mother first than it is to run an entire dungeon. If she did not spawn, or is not missing a baby, immediately reroll.

      I would also recommend rerolling if it is a two section map if the mother isn't found in the first section.

      • Anonymous

        Getting this Trait was truly a test of patience and perseverance. I lost count how many times I re-rolled adventure mode. I finally got the baby rescue to spawn, but rng still wanted to shaft me by not spawning the thrall mother. At lease the baby spawned pretty much at the entrance of Wuthering Keep for me. For you others hunting this annoying baby just keep trying, Also I did not know the baby could appear even if the mother doesn't.

        • Anonymous

          5 days straight, 5 hours each and no baby. I get rare spawns but when you spend more time searching for a spawn than you did playing the entire game it's a bit ridiculous. This is the kind of stuff that makes one drop a game and not come back for a year, if at all. Beyond burned out.

          • Anonymous

            Do you need equipment that adds life steal for this trait to work (ie Leech Ember, Nightmare Spiral, or the new Amulet that also gives a damage buff on full health) or is the trait alone enough to restore a bit of health when you do damage?

            • Anonymous

              As others have mentioned, the locked cage can be found at either the wild reach or the wuthering keep.
              Confirmed, when I found the cage on wuthering keep, Thrall was not spawned in my adventure, never talked to her.
              Also confirmed, you have to kill all the adds in the area before the baby will come out even after the lock is broken.
              Clear all adds, then the baby will crawl out and you will get the trait.

              • Anonymous

                Krall(merchant, blue icon) does not even have to spawn in your map, you just need the cage to spawn in the 2 possible zones. Krall babies will leave cages after you are out of combat and the trait will be rewarded.

                • Anonymous

                  worked for me without speaking to krall mother before opening cage. just wait for krall baby to start getting out like 1-2 minutes

                  • Anonymous

                    one of the last patches broke trait. got it on last char but didnt get flash caster there. now i got flash caster but siphoner is missing. fck u devs

                    • Anonymous

                      One **** thing I am facing now is I can't get the trait. I ve roll 3 times both baby and mother and every time I shoot the lock the trait is not appear and I don't see get the amulet also cuz it is not rescued. Wtf is this bull ****

                      • Anonymous

                        Stupid thing I met is I tried both talk to mother first and not talk to her first when saving that little ****, but both method dont appear the trait and it is counted that the little **** is not rescued. Wtf is this bull **** bug. I tried 3 times dont talk to mother first and 1 time talk to mother first. But dont know why the little **** is not rescued.

                        • Anonymous

                          there are two possible area (area with a boat/ship to enter), the wild reach and wuthering keep if you got one of these search for an small cage with a small lock, inside is a krall baby shot the lock and got the trait. if you are really lucky with your rolled map talk to mama rat and got the blessed necklace as well.

                          • I confirm that the baby was at the wuthering keep map and free it and instantly received the trait BUT the mother was not present in the world in general, which means that probably I wont receive the Blessing Necklace, I will have to find the mother AND the baby in the same world. And that never happened to me even after a total of 90-100 restarts............................................

                            • Anonymous

                              It seems the best build for life steal, (at least for what I have found through playing.) is as follows. Necklace: Terror Margin, Nightmare Spiral | Rings: Leech Ember, (Blood Font?) | Primary: Any, probably Ruin | Secondary: Pride of the Iskal | Armor: Destroyer/Warlord. If you think otherwise, reply with your thoughts on the matter.

                              • Anonymous

                                And now that I have acquired this...I am now....lvl 1000...............................What a waste of my 300+ Hours.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Nevermind when she gives you that quest there will be a small cage out on a jutting dock in the middle. Shoot the lock as per standard to unlock.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    If the mother doesn't immediately ask for you to find it when you first talk to her, does that mean you have to restart the map?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      On resium after talking to the mother of the oracle baby she will tell you to find it and return it. I believe this is the map for it but unsure as to where the baby actually is.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Anyone have a descriptive way of getting this? For instance where this random event happens? or how it starts? what to look for or something?

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