Reduces damage taken while reviving teammates by +1.25% per point.


"One who challenges you challenges us all."

Fortification is a Trait in Remnant: From the Ashes. Fortification reduces the damage you take during the revive animation in multiplayer.



How to Find Fortification

  • From the Fetid Pools event.
  • Obtaining Fortification: You will need 3x Acid Cleaned Key to open the doors and get the Hero's Ring. One to access the stairs, another to access the upstairs room, and a final key to open the chamber that holds the Hero's Ring located in the Fetid Pools dungeon on Corsus.
  • You will have to wear the Rusted Amulet which can be found in the dungeon and crouch in one of the acid pools. The Rusted Amulet will be gone and you will acquire the Acid Cleaned key.

  • There are 2 methods to open the doors:
  • Pick up the Hero's Ring from the chamber and you will obtain the Trait.


Fortification Notes & Tips

  • Reduces damage taken while reviving by up to 25%



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    • Anonymous

      Can be done solo by having a key and amlet.... spawn dugeon a 3rd time use key....use amulet to make a key.use key.find 3rd dugeon amulet turn it to 3rd KEY..."WELCOME"

      • Anonymous

        This can be done entirely solo, as explained on the Hero's Ring page, though it does require backing up and restoring your Characters/Profile save (but leaving your World save alone).

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