Void Sliver


A pulsing shard from beyond the veil, from the Black Sun itself. You hold a piece of another world.

Void Sliver is a Crafting Material in Remnant: From the Ashes. Void Sliver is used as a component to craft numerous items. Materials can be found in various ways such as enemy or boss drops, scattered in various locations, and inside treasure crates/chests. Crafting Materials can be given to a Merchant and are mainly used as ingredients for Crafting.



 Void Sliver Usage



How to Find Void Sliver

  • Can be obtained by defeating Claviger.
  • Prevent Claviger from absorbing any summoned minions by killing them quickly. He absorbs minions when he smashes the ground.



Void Sliver Notes & Tips

  • Dealing too much damage to the boss too quickly will cause him to summon enemies, then immediately absorb them. 
  • If he absorbs a Summon, it counts against receiving the item.



Crafting Materials
Ancient Core  ♦  Barbed Sinew  ♦  Black Tear  ♦  Blazing Heart  ♦  Blink Spear Shard  ♦  Cold Cell  ♦  Crystalline Plasma  ♦  Displacement Crystal  ♦  Dragon Links  ♦  Dreamer's Mana  ♦  Flesh Barb  ♦  Forged Iron  ♦  Galvanized Iron  ♦  Glacial Scepter  ♦  Glowing Fragment  ♦  Guardian Tentacle  ♦  Hammerhead's Ore  ♦  Hardened Carapace  ♦  Hardened Iron  ♦  Hivestone  ♦  Hollow Seed  ♦  Hound Choker  ♦  Iron  ♦  Iskal Husk  ♦  Jackal's Ivory  ♦  Kin Callers Bell  ♦  Lumenite Crystal  ♦  Luminous Gland  ♦  Obryk's Bracelet  ♦  Radioactive Skull  ♦  Root Neoplasm  ♦  Sentinel Shard  ♦  Shadewood  ♦  Shrapnel Shard  ♦  Silver Fragment  ♦  Simulacrum  ♦  Slime Vessel  ♦  Spore Gland  ♦  Stalker's Claw  ♦  Steel of Agony  ♦  Stone of the Guardian  ♦  Storm Crystal  ♦  Swarm Tusk  ♦  Tempest heartstring  ♦  Tentacle Pod  ♦  The Undying Heart  ♦  Thermal Geode  ♦  Totem Antler  ♦  Twisted Heart  ♦  Unclean Heart  ♦  Zephyr's Conduit



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    • Anonymous

      I’ve killed him twice now without letting him absorb any adds and still no Void Silver. Does anyone know if its bugged? I had ample time to clear all the adds before he rotates the platform so I know there weren’t any on the plate. Would like to get all the weapons and wish I didn’t have to keep rerolling after a botched boss kill.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure if this is a bug: during the fight I kept the ads clear, however I had spawned two Iron Sentinel turrets a few moments before the slam and spin which were then killed by the slam/spin; I completed the fight with no ads absorbed and still did not receive the Void Sliver. I’m wondering if maybe it counted the Iron Sentinel turrets as being absorbed. Anyone else encounter this?

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