Scrap Hatchet

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A common chopping tool that has been repurposed for combat.

Damage Value 60-180
Critical Chance 5%
Melee Weapon Type Axe
Weakspot Bonus 10%

Scrap Hatchet is a Melee Weapon and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes


Nowadays if you can't get creative, your chances of livin' go straight down the tubes. That one crazy idea you've been keepin' in your back pocket? Time to take it out for a spin.

Where to find Scrap Hatchet

  • Can be acquired from Ace if you choose the Ex-Cultist Archetype.
  • Can be purchased from Rigs for 450 Scrap.


How to use Scrap Hatchet

  • Each melee weapon has a primary combo of three strikes in a row before executing another melee attack, these attacks are categorized into three types:
    • Lunge Attack: This can be executed by pressing the attack button while sprinting.
    • Normal Attack: These can be executed by continuously pressing the attack button for the primary three-hit combo.
    • Charged Attack: This type of attack is executed by holding down and then releasing the attack button for heavier and harder swings.


Scrap Hatchet Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage
Scrap Hatchet 60
Scrap Hatchet +1 66
Scrap Hatchet +2 72
Scrap Hatchet +3 78
Scrap Hatchet +4 84
Scrap Hatchet +5 90
Scrap Hatchet +6 96
Scrap Hatchet +7 102
Scrap Hatchet +8 108
Scrap Hatchet +9 114
Scrap Hatchet +10 120
Scrap Hatchet +11 126
Scrap Hatchet +12 132
Scrap Hatchet +13 138
Scrap Hatchet +14 144
Scrap Hatchet +15 150
Scrap Hatchet +16 156
Scrap Hatchet +17 162
Scrap Hatchet +18 168
Scrap Hatchet +19 174
Scrap Hatchet +20 180

Scrap Hatchet Notes

  • The charge attack causes the player to spin and attack twice, each attack doing approximately 150% of a normal attack.



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