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A spear that is perfect for staying at a distance, has excellent range, and great recovery. Meant more for one on one fights, it makes up for its lack of crowd control with its speed.

Damage Value 50
Critical Chance 10%
Melee Weapon Type Spear
Weakspot Bonus 10%

Spear is a Melee Weapon and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes


Nobles are trained in the spear from birth. They are taught that the length of their life depends not on the fruit of the Thaen but on the skill of their hand.

Where to find Spear


How to use Spear

  • Each melee weapon has a primary combo of three strikes in a row before executing another melee attack, these attacks are categorized into three types:
    • Lunge Attack: This can be executed by pressing the attack button while sprinting.
    • Normal Attack: These can be executed by continuously pressing the attack button for the primary three-hit combo.
    • Charged Attack: This type of attack is executed by holding down and then releasing the attack button for heavier and harder swings.

Spear Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Spear Damage
Spear 50
Spear +1 55
Spear +2 60
Spear +3 65
Spear +4 70
Spear +5 75
Spear +6 80
Spear +7 85
Spear +8 90
Spear +9 95
Spear +10 100
Spear +11 105
Spear +12 110
Spear +13 115
Spear +14 120
Spear +15


Spear +16 130
Spear +17 135
Spear +18 140
Spear +19 145
Spear +20 150


Spear Notes

  • Any other Note and Trivia goes here



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    • Anonymous

      The player holds the spear backwards. Especially on the backstep attack that means just clonking them with the blunt side, lol.

      • Anonymous

        Actually my favorite of the three spears. The rad spear's damage stacking mechanic can hardly be felt while the lightning spear's requirement for a big charged hit and then a small one might result in more theoretical dps, but is too clunky for me to pull off. I tend to quickly dispatch of an enemy or two with spears before I go back to shooting when I play, and the high base damage allows me to do just that.

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