Wastelander Flail

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A flail with a large skull striking head connected to a chain. It is an unorthodox weapon meant to convert momentum into destruction, it converts slow startup into powerful swings and smashes, especially when attacks are charged.

Damage Value 62-186
Critical Chance 5%
Melee Weapon Type Flail
Weakspot Bonus 10%

Wastelander Flail is a Melee Weapon and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes


The Buri waste nothing, not even the skulls of their dead-- provided a weak skull was not the cause of death.

Where to find Wastelander Flail

  • Wastelander Flail can be found on a random event called The Clean Room occurring at Rhom.
  • During the event you will be under the effect of the Citadel's Curse and you will lose some hp every second. Every time you kill an enemy a part of the HP will be restored. You need to escape the dungeon alive to obtain the Wastelander Flail.


How to use Wastelander Flail

  • Each melee weapon has a primary combo of three strikes in a row before executing another melee attack, these attacks are categorized into three types:
    • Lunge Attack: This can be executed by pressing the attack button while sprinting.
    • Normal Attack: These can be executed by continuously pressing the attack button for the primary three-hit combo.
    • Charged Attack: This type of attack is executed by holding down and then releasing the attack button for heavier and harder swings.


Wastelander Flail Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage
Wastelander Flail 62
Wastelander Flail +1 68.2
Wastelander Flail +2 74.4
Wastelander Flail +3 80.6
Wastelander Flail +4 86.8
Wastelander Flail +5 93
Wastelander Flail +6 99.2
Wastelander Flail +7 105.4
Wastelander Flail +8 111.6
Wastelander Flail +9 117.8
Wastelander Flail +10 124
Wastelander Flail +11 130.2
Wastelander Flail +12 136.4
Wastelander Flail +13 142.6
Wastelander Flail +14 148.8
Wastelander Flail +15 155
Wastelander Flail +16 161.2
Wastelander Flail +17 167.4
Wastelander Flail +18 173.6
Wastelander Flail +19 179.8
Wastelander Flail +20 186


Wastelander Flail Notes

  • The Wastelander Flail does not excel in damage. However, its knockback and stagger range are excellent. Best used in a tank/melee life steal build and/or setting up a kill for any friends in your world or others worlds
  • Stuns enemies



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