Stuck Merchant


Location Yaesha
Race Pan

Stuck Merchant is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes. Stuck Merchant's is a Merchant that provides Consumables.


Stuck Merchant Information

  • LocationYaesha
  • If you want the full Radiant Set, make sure to buy both parts from the merchant before you go for the helmet, as opening the Guardian Shrine that contains the helmet summons a Root Horror mini-boss that, will move to where the Stuck Merchant is and kill her, making both the chest and the legs pieces unobtainable and requiring you to reset the world.
  • To circumvent the high cost of the Guardian's Ring, you can open the Guardian Shrine to let the Root Horror kill the merchant. The ring should be next to her corpse.
  • There are some instances were the Stuck Merchant will repeat the same line indefinitely even after continuing to accept scrap for secrets. Whether this is a common bug or because she is a terrible person is unknown.


Merchant's Inventory:


Associated Quests

  • Radiant Set Questline
    • The Stuck Merchant sells the chest and legs of the Radiant Set. The helmet is located behind a locked door in the Guardian Shrine dungeon. 
    • The Strange Curio needed for the dungeon is usually found at the back of her cart.
  • Root Horror Mini-Boss
    • After gaining Radiant Visage the boss will spawn and run away after being damaged, it will reappear at the Stuck Merchant area and kill her.



  • What does it want? I do not -- 
  • It is wise to seek me.
  • I wasn't --! Ah, the paxultek. Is there something I can help it find?
  • Ah, the paxultek should not concern itself with such questions.
  • I acquire things, paxultek. Anything it needs, no matter how rare or dangerous....provided it does not ask the origins. 
  • Should it need anything....I am here.


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Rajia Baroudi



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