Vault of the Herald is a Location in Remnant: From the Ashes. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Description of the area goes here


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General Information

  • Previous: Rhom
  • Bosses: No boss dungeon


Video Walkthrough




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NPCs in the area

  • Example
  • Example
  • Example


Materials & Consumables

  • ??x Bloodwort
  • ??x Bandage
  • ??x Lumenite Crystal
  • ??x Adrenaline

Equipment & Upgrades

  • Akari armor set
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • ??x Item Name
  • ??x Item Name

Key Items

  • Glowing Rod
  • ??x Item Name
  • ??x Item Name


  • Wasteland Skull
  • Shaman
  • Hive Skull
  • Strider
  • Enemy 5


Vault of the Herald Walkthrough

This dungeon will give you the Akari Set. However you need 3 Glowing Rods to get said Set. If the Vault of the Herald spawns in your map and it has the 3 doors at the end (make sure to check first) Glowing Rods will spawn anywhere in your map. This means other dungeons, hidden underneath stairs, on shelves, etc usually on skeletons.

Once the 3 doors have been confirmed, make sure to look through every dungeon thoroughly to make sure you get 3 Glowing rods to get the full Akari Set. Each rod will give you one piece.

Vault of the Herald 3 doors


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Trivia & Notes:

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    • Anonymous

      So uh... I started finding glowing rods in Rohm during Campaign. Searched literally everywhere on the map and had all 3 Glowing rods. But they all disappeared after I opened the gate to the Undying King. I don't understand. Does anyone know why this would happen? I still have the Campaign loaded and recently went back to fight the ancient construct in it.

      • Anonymous

        I have this dungeon and I have only found 1 glowing rod throughout this and the other dungeon I have! Guess no full armor set for me!

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