The Doe Shrine

Location Yaesha > Widow's Vestry
Reward Scavenger's Bauble

The Doe Shrine is a Random Event in Remnant: From the Ashes. Random events act like side quests where players need to complete some requests in order to obtain a reward. The events may or may not appear on your play through, requiring a restart for a chance of getting them.


The Doe Shrine Location

  • Location: Yaesha > Widow's Vestry.


The Doe Shrine Description

  • An event dungeon in Yaesha. At the end of the map, there is a Doe Shrine surrounded by bells. By playing the Song of the Doe, you are rewarded with the Scavenger's Bauble.
    • Song of the Doe: 5 - 4 - 3 - 3 - 4 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 1 (leftmost bell is 1 and the rightmost bell is 5)

  • Archers are the most common enemy type in Widow's Vestry. Rushing this dungeon is possible, but quite difficult due to the sheer number of them and how easily a group can be overwhelmed if each Archer is not eliminated quickly. The safest option is to equip a powerful, long-range weapon that can kill any Archer in 1-2 shots.
    • Hunter's Mark is an excellent mod choice here. Archers move and reposition quickly, and the Mark buff will allow you to see them behind cover.
    • Veil of the Black Tear is a decent alternative if you're feeling overwhelmed and need time to breathe.

The Doe Shrine Rewards

  • Scavenger's Bauble
  • You can also obtain Swiftness Trait by playing the "Song of the Guardian" on ANY of the bells but skipping the second line completely. The combination of bells is: 1 - 1 - 3 - 4 - 1 - 1 - 3 - 2

The Doe Shrine Notes & Trivia

  •  lore and trivia goes here.



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