Strange Coin


There are some folks who might see a coin like this as a mistake, others might find it charming, some might even think it's lucky.

Strange Coin is a Key Item in Remnant: From the AshesStrange Coin can be given to Ace to receive a reward. Key Items are found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs, or are dropped by Bosses.



 Strange Coin Usage



How to Find Strange Coin

  • Can be found randomly anywhere on Earth.
  • Higher chances to spawn in dungeons.



Strange Coin Notes & Tips

  • Other notes and tips go here



Key Items
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    • Anonymous

      Howdy, everyone. So, I've been using the World Analyzer to try and re-roll for the Strange Coin, or Ace's Coin, as I really want the magnum. Three times now I've seen it in both the Online tool and in the save I opened with Notepad++, but when I boot up the game and go to the listed area, it's not there. Everything else it says should be there is, but I can't find the coin anywhere in the dungeon. Am I doing something wrong? It should be an item that you find on a skeleton, correct? Like the skill books. I'm playing on PC, if that wasn't obvious. Thanks for any help! ^_^

      • Anonymous

        Refilled adventure mode about 25 times, and had no luck finding the coin.
        Finally rerolled my campaign, and found it on my first try in the transitional dungeon before “The Grinder”. This would have technically made it my 3rd campaign (not including the Subject DLC rerolls), but my first roll since the series of adventure attempts.

        • I swear they patched this to make it ultra-rare. Re-rolled Adventure Mode probably 20 times and it never showed up. Played through the Campaign on Normal, re-rolled to Hard mode and it finally showed up.

          IMO, your best bet is to simply re-roll Campaign towards the beginning since the maps are far larger on that mode than on Adventure.

          • Thought I would come through and clear this right up.
            There's nothing wrong with the drop rate, over 40% have this on PS.

            1) From what I can tell, the earlier comment is correct, in a 'session' you will find EITHER the tarnished ring, or the strange coin.
            2) If you have already used one of these two items in said 'session' it will be replaced by scrap when you pick it up or trade it in.
            3) The reason I say 'session' is because after 4 re-rolls on Adventure. I decided to go back to my standard Campaign save, all of a sudden an area in the south of Earth was now shadowed again, despite the fact I know I have cleared the map. I found the coin in this randomly shadowed area.
            4) This means that theoretically re-rolling is not needed, and simply by closing and starting the game again, you should be able to cause the game to force spawn the strange coin on your Earth map.
            5) Finally: In case you were wondering, this behaves like a Key Item or wearable item. These typically are found on the static position of a skeleton in fetal position, and usually are either a ring/amulet or Tome of Knowledge item. The location of these skeletons tends to be in tucked away corners or small throughways between map sections. You know you will have found a Key Item however due to its distinct reddish aura.

            and that is how you spend several hours grinding variables until you figure out how to force spawn without re-rolling for hours on end.
            Hope this helps.

            • Anonymous

              Have they patched the drop rates for this? Khorne's sake, I must have re-rolled the world 30 times, and I still haven't found it.

              • Anonymous

                PLEASE MENTION THIS: If you find it in adventure mode, and reset the adventure before you turn it in it will be lost

                • Anonymous

                  I found this ring on adventure mode - Earth normal difficulty (not that it matters but in case someone is wondering). It was in the Gallows lying in the open. So when it says "can be found randomly anywhere on Earth" it's true. Just spam adventures and you'll find it, eventually. Good luck ! Also as previously mentionned, don't forget to turn it in BEFORE you launch another adventure or, as all key items, it will be lost.

                  • Anonymous

                    Ok, how the hell does this spawn? i must have played 20 separate adventure modes on Earth and I still haven't found it.

                    • Anonymous

                      Okay, so just asking, but does anyone know what is needed for this to spawn? Can it be dropped from a chest or is it picked up like any other item in the game? I've heard both, and figured getting a discussion of sorts started about it would be nice.

                      • Anonymous

                        Far as I know only this or the Tarnished Ring spawns in a single playthrough, not both. I prefer the Revolver as the Scavenger trait can be gained randomly later on.

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