Acid Cleaned Key


After being bathed in acid, years of rust have been removed. This key is once again ready for use.

Acid Cleaned Key is a Key Item in Remnant: From the Ashes. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs, or are dropped by Bosses.



 Acid Cleaned Key Usage

  • Can be used to open one of the door located at the end of the Fetid Pool dungeon in Corsus.
  • There are 5 doors you can open
    1.  There is an enemy behind the first door.
    2. You can find the Heart of Darkness behind the second door.
    3. You can pick up 1x Simulacrum behind the third door.
    4. There are 10x Lumenite Crystal behind the fourth door.
    5. The fifth door will lead you to an upper floor. On the upper floor there are two doors that can be open by using another Acid Cleaned Key.
      1. The first door has the Hero's Ring (You will also get the Fortification Trait when picking up the ring) You will need a third key to open yet another door to access the ring.
      2. The second door has 25x Glowing Fragments.



How to Find Acid Cleaned Key

  • Can be acquired by wearing the Rusted Amulet and crouching on one of the acid pools located in the Fetid Pool in Corsus. The Rusted Amulet will be gone and you will acquire the Acid Cleaned key.



Acid Cleaned Key Notes & Tips

  • You can carry multiple Acid Cleaned Keys in your inventory; there are two ways of getting more than one:
    • Multiplayer: each hero can clean his own Rusted Amulet to get one key per player.
    • Singleplayer: if you enter the Fetid Pool with a Rusted Amulet already in your inventory, you can clean it in the acid and then pick up the other Rusted Amulet to obtain a second key. You can use this method in multiplayer to get two keys per player.
  • They stack in your inventory in group of three.



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    • Anonymous

      What the hell is wrong with this thing? Did the dungeon in co-op, found the necklace, cleaned it in the pool, got the key, made our way to the doors. After some vacillating (with no way to communicate with my teammates I waited to see what they'd do) one of them used their key to open the door to the Heart of Darkness. Seeing we weren't going for the second level, I went to open the Simulacrum door... and didn't have the key. What the hell was that about? Did my teammate use up my key? Do we share an inventory of key items and none of my teammates actually had their own keys after all? If so, that sucks- especially since there was no way for me to tell whether or not my teammates had found keys (we were apart when they found the pools before me).

      • There is a method of bypassing the doors using the blink token mod. Standing with your back to the door while charging blink token, your destination marker for teleporting should snap to your feet. Once this happens spam the interact button and the door should just disappear if you have done it correctly. This can be done with every door and can be an easy 3 simulacrum and 25 glowing fragments on subsequent adventure runs if the area generates.

        • Anonymous

          Imagine being able to coordinate any sort of activity with randoms. Who needs text chat, gamers can't read amiright? 11/10 coop experience.

          • Anonymous

            I have a theory on how to get the ring and trait on solo, if you can't get others to cooperate. It would require Fetid Pool in both campaign and adventure mode AND for you to already have the rusted amulet... Just make sure you unrust the amulets before picking up a new one, and to use them all in the same place.

            • Anonymous

              This is really badly designed. It just adds a layer of tedium that removes any fun from what could have been a fun item available to coop players.

              • Anonymous

                This is used for a multiplayer challenge that rewards a multiplayer trait, and a multiplayer ring. They provide absolutely no benefit in single player, and therefore the challenge is intended to be be completed by 3 players. However... If you're a real completionist there is a way of obtaining them offline. There are two things you need to be aware of though: 1.You cant stack keys. 2. The key is lost when you re-roll the world you obtained it from. What you need to do is to obtain the Rusted Amulet in Adventure mode, then DONT turn it into the key. Instead re-roll the Adventure and keep doing so until you get the Fetid Pools again. Do the same with the main Campaign as well (yes, this could take ages). Once you get the Fetid Pools in both, then head into either Adventure of Campaign. At this stage, clean your original amulet to get the Key and then search around the Fetid Pools for the second amulet. Upon finding it, leave that game mode (adventure or campaign, whichever you chose first) and head into the other. Immediatly head to the end and use the key to open the first door. Only once you've used the first key, should you head back to the acid, and clean you're recently acquired second amulet to get the second key. All thats left to do now is to use the second key and find the third amulet. Once you've done both, then clean the third amulet, head to the end, open the third gate and.... Congratulations! You have no life!

                • Anonymous

                  After finding a second dungeon ( or rather third, as I used the first one on a door ) with the Fetid Pools, and securing the amulet, I went to get it cleaned. As being a numbered key item, I assumed they would stack, so that I could farm up the required amount of them to open every door solo. But it would seem they don't stack, as I remained with only 1 in my inventory after cleansing. Not sure if its a bug, or intended to force Coop (Which still would require 3 people already having a key, open 3 doors, and THEN pick up the amulet in the dungeon, and then clean that one). But that sure made me sadface after rerolling for some time looking for this and other items :/

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