Iskal Vial


The Iskal holds only joy for those who partake. The vyxworm is a gift.

Iskal Vial is a Key Item in Remnant: From the Ashes. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs, or are dropped by Bosses.

How to obtain Iskal Vial

  • During Corsus Adventure Mode, get the PARASITE status effect and talk to the Iskal Queen (Boss). Tell her that you will help the Iskal and she will give you the Iskal Vial.


Iskal Vial Usage

  • Go to the Graveyard Elf  and crouch towards her cauldron (so she doesn't wake up). Interact with her cauldron and use the Iskal Vial on it (This will unlock the Potency Trait). Go to a checkpoint and come back. Her Hut is now open. Go inside to find the Ring of the Unclean.


Iskal Vial Notes & Tips



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    • Anonymous

      28 Jun 2020 03:27  

      Yeah, it´s great. Now I have the damn parasite and the Queen won´t give the vial to me. Conclusion: my map spawned without the graveyard elf ? GODDAMMIT so I ran back to her for nothing. Would be nice if it would trigger the dialogue anyhow, dear devs. Now I wasted time and parasites.

      • Anonymous

        07 Jun 2020 00:12  

        That sucks. I got it three times in a row. I only knew what to do the second and third time. So i have to re roll again when i can play. I have three kids so I can’t get on here very often.

        • Anonymous

          19 May 2020 12:53  

          This is kind of really frustrating to me and my friend. We re-rolled the map at least 60 times during the last 3 days not getting the correct spawns. This is ridiculous ... we will give up on this one because the*****ty reward is not worth wasting our time.

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