Cryptolith Sigil


The queen's token beats an arrhythmic pattern, impossible to place, undesirable to forget

Cryptolith Tower

Cryptolith tower that can be used with the Cryptolith Sigil

Cryptolith Sigil  is a Key Item in Remnant: From the Ashes. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs, or are dropped by Bosses.



 Cryptolith Sigil Usage

  • Can be used three different times on the Cryptolith that can be found in any Adventure Mode world to obtain:
  • The Sigil will remain in your inventory. You will have to find the Cryptolith separate three times.
  • Have to re-roll the world after each usage of the Cryptolith.



How to Find Cryptolith Sigil

  • Prerequisite to get this item is to give the Guardian's Heart to the Iskal Queen during the campaign.
  • Can be obtained through Adventure Mode by finding the Iskal Queen (Boss) and speaking with her in the Queen's Temple on Corsus. She is not a guaranteed spawn.



Cryptolith Sigil Notes & Tips

  • She may not give you more than one if you already have one in your inventory.
  • You can obtain the Cryptolith Sigil and then still fight the Iskal Queen.
  • The Cryptiolish Sigil will remain in your inventory until you activate the Cryptolith three times.
  • Cryptoliths can appear on any of the four maps in both Adventure Mode, and Story Mode.



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    • Anonymous

      First, you only need the sigil one time to active 3 towers on 3 different maps. You have to keep re-rolling to get the tower 3 times it can be on any map its just random. To get the sigil, you need to have given the Iskal Queen the heart in Campaign mode, if you gave it to the Undying King re-roll campaign and give it to the queen. After giving the queen the heart in YOUR campaign, do adventure mode on corsus. THE QUEEN WILL NO LONGER SPAWN AT THE ABANDONED THRONE!!! The Iskal Queen will now spawn in a side dungeon called the Iskal Throne. This is a side mission area, and will not always spawn, re-roll adventure until you find it. Once at the Iskal Throne, just walk in she will thank you and give you the sigil. IF YOU DID NO GIVE HER THE HEART IN THE CAMPAIGN OF THE PERSON WHO LOADED THE ADVENTURE SHE WILL ATTACK YOU ON SIGHT AND YOU CAN NOT GET IT!!!

      • Anonymous

        hi In Campaign i give the Heart do the Undying King, and now in Swamps of Corsos the Iskal Queen talks with me but she give me not the Cryptolith Sigil.What can i do?????

        • Anonymous

          I need help, I have done this in the campaign, given the heart, and all she gave me is scrap, so I'm assuming it was just the slayer armor and crossbow. | I do this in the adventure mode, all I find is a abandoned throne where she should be. What do I do?

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