Tarnished Ring


This ring looks worn but well loved, polished from constant wear.

Tarnished Ring is a Key Item in Remnant: From the Ashes. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs, or are dropped by Bosses.



 Tarnished Ring Usage



How to Find Tarnished Ring

  • Can be found at a random location at Earth



Tarnished Ring Notes & Tips

  • Must speak with Reggie and exhaust dialogue about the ring to turn the ring in.



Key Items
Acid Cleaned Key  ♦  Control Rod  ♦  Creeper's Peeper  ♦  Cryptolith Sigil  ♦  D.A.T.L.A. Key  ♦  Founder's Key  ♦  Fuse  ♦  Glowing Rod  ♦  Guardian's Heart  ♦  Homestead Basement Key  ♦  Howling Key  ♦  Hunter's Key  ♦  Iskal Vial  ♦  Janitor's Watch  ♦  Labyrinth Key  ♦  Liz's Key  ♦  Master's Tusk  ♦  Monkey Key  ♦  Opalescent Shell  ♦  Research Station Alpha Keycard  ♦  Servant Cage Key  ♦  Strange Coin  ♦  Strange Curio  ♦  Ward 13 Keycard  ♦  Ward 13 Master Key  ♦  Ward Prime Fuse  ♦  Ward Prime Keycard  ♦  Ward Prime Maintenance Key

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    • 23 Aug 2021 05:20  

      Found twice in Adventure Mode (Earth) . Once in starting area in the ground floor of a building, and once in the first non-optional sewer dungeon about halfway through practically on the critical path. Good luck!

      • Anonymous

        10 Oct 2020 00:17  

        I found this after 8 re-rolls of Adventure Mode and then on the third Campaign re-roll. I found it in the marsh area with the pink mushrooms tucked inside a building. It’s deep red in color instead of Blue/purple like most rings.

        Took me forever but if you’re having trouble, just keep grinding.

        • Anonymous

          12 Sep 2020 21:47  

          I found the ring before talking talking to him about finding it. It took the ring and didn't give me the trait or trophy but took the ring. Do I need to start a new character to actually get the trophy? Or if I re-roll the campaign will it appear again?

          • Anonymous

            20 Feb 2020 14:44  

            Definitely not a key item. It says it is a key item and can be found in a specific spot, then three sentences down it says it is found in a random location. Okay, much logic.

            • 12 Sep 2019 19:12  

              Upon killing "Nightmare" I received the scavenger trait. One of the trophies requires that you give this ring to Eddie. Will I still be able to accomplish this goal? Will the ring spawn again? I need this trophy for my PLAT. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

              • Anonymous

                02 Sep 2019 21:56  

                Strangely you get this trait randomly later on, not sure if you can gain the revolver later on in the campaign if you find this instead of Ace's coin.

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