Graveyard Elf


Location Corsus

Graveyard Elf is an NPC and Merchant in Remnant: From the Ashes added with the Swamps Of Corsus DLC.


Graveyard Elf Information

  • Location: Graveyard Elf Can be found at Corsus. Adventure Mode Only. 
  • You can place the Iskal Vial in her cauldron to acquire the Potency trait and the Ring of the Unclean.
    • Can be acquired by helping the Iskal Queen (Boss) infect the Graveyard Elf. Get the PARASITE status effect from an Iskal Infector then go talk to Iskal Queen (Boss). Tell her that you want to help the Iskal and she will give you the Iskal Vial. Go to the Graveyard Elf and crouch towards her cauldron (so she doesn't wake up). Interact with her cauldron and use the Iskal Vial (This will unlock the Potency Trait). Go to a different location and return. Her hut is now open. Go inside and you will find the Ring of the Unclean
    • NOTE: In order to get the Iskal Vial, you must have the Graveyard Elf and the Iskal Queen (Boss) in the same map; Adventure Mode Only. 

Merchant's Inventory:


50 Scrap
Beetle Extract
500 Scrap
Grim Coil
400 Scrap


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: -
  • Trivia and such go here


Graveyard Elf Lore


  • The Graveyard Elf is the only remaining uncorrupted elf on Corsus. She rejected the Iskal and hides from them in the graveyard. She developed an antidote for the Vyxworm parasite but it only takes effect shortly after being infected.

    The Iskal did not enter the graveyard because they believe in life and reject death which is what the graveyard represents.

    The Iskal Queen will ask for the player's help in tricking the Graveyard Elf into consuming the parasite. The Queen will give an Iskal Vial to the player to infect the elf.

    After infecting the elf, the Queen will announce that the Graveyard Elf has become one with the Iskal and this event marks the end of the elven race.

  • Graveyard Elf tells the player that the Queen's name is Cessnya.



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    • Anonymous

      Kinda drives home that Corsus must be a RIDICULOUSLY small world. She's seriously the only uncorrupted elf on the entire PLANET?

      • Anonymous

        After using Iskal Vail you have to travel back to Station 13. Then return to last Checkpoint. After this the door will be open.

        • Anonymous

          You have to have the Iskal Queen and the Graveyard Elf in the same adventure for the Iskal Queen to give the Iskal Vial to you.

          • Anonymous

            lts awful that you have to betray humans and elves just to get some loot in tis game,what where they thinking about?

            • Anonymous

              So how does one actually get to fight her? Two re-rolls and she is just there sitting on her throne like without the DLC, the iskal renegade also never spawns, same as cryptolith? Talking to her with parasite also does nothing, this is frustrating af, at least should have given us some cues on what the hell we have to do.

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