Fetid Pools is a Random Event in Swamps Of Corsus - Remnant From The Ashes. Random events act like side quests where players need to complete some requests in order to obtain a reward. The events may or may not appear on your play through, requiring a restart for a chance of getting them.



Fetid Pools Description

Note: The following requires creative saving and will work because the game saves Character data and World data separately. 

Solo Method:  

  • Step 1 - Acquire Rusted Amulet. Quit game. Back up Character data (PS4) / Profile data (PC). Do NOT backup World data.
  • Step 2 - Convert Rusted Amulet to Acid Cleaned Key. Open 1 door. Do NOT pick up the item behind the door
  • Step 3 - Save, exit and restore backed up Character/Profile data. You will now have your Rusted Amulet back, but the door you previously opened stays open. 
  • Step 4 - Repeat process until all doors are open. Loot all items. 



Fetid Pools Rewards



Fetid Pools Notes & Trivia

  • Lore and other trivia go here.



Random Events
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    • Anonymous

      Side note: multiple people can time use (both be on key selection screen, but press action button at same time) of a single key on multiple doors. My buddy wouldn't do the upload/download so we tried that method instead with my 1x key I got from downloading profile data.

      • Anonymous

        For persons trying this Solo or want to open all doors, theres a bug using the "blink token" weapon mod where you stand with your back against the door and use the blink token below you, will the blink animation play spam the interact key to open the door. This works because while you blink you are a short time inside the door so it just opens.
        Its an exploid but use it as you seem fit

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