Fetid Pools is a Random Event in Swamps Of Corsus - Remnant From The Ashes. Random events act like side quests where players need to complete some requests in order to obtain a reward. The events may or may not appear on your play through, requiring a restart for a chance of getting them.



Fetid Pools Description

  • You will have to find the Rusted Amulet in the dungeon. After you find it, crouch in one of the acid pools inside the Fetid Pool to dissolve the Rusted Amulet. You will get the Acid Cleaned Key in exchange which can be used to open one of the doors located at the end of the dungeon.
  • There are eight total doors you can open with the Acid Cleaned Key, with two being locked behind one door, and one final door locked behind one of those two.
    • There is an Iskal Infector behind one door.
    • You can find the Heart of Darkness behind a second door.
    • You can pick up 1x Simulacrum behind a third door.
    • There are 10x Lumenite Crystal behind a fourth door.
    • A fifth door will lead you to an upper floor to the final three doors, with one of them being locked behind another:
      • One door leads to the chamber of the Hero's Ring that is still locked by an additional door. You will need two keys in order to unlock both doors on this path.
      • A second door has 25x Glowing Fragments.
  • Obtaining the Hero's Ring and Fortification Trait:

Note: The following requires creative saving and will work because the game saves Character data and World data separately. 

Solo Method (Requires backing up saves):  

  • Step 1 - Acquire Rusted Amulet. Quit game. Back up Character data (PS4) / Profile data (PC). Do NOT backup World data.
  • Step 2 - Convert Rusted Amulet to Acid Cleaned Key. Open 1 door. Do NOT pick up the item behind the door
  • Step 3 - Save, exit and restore backed up Character/Profile data. You will now have your Rusted Amulet back, but the door you previously opened stays open. 
  • Step 4 - Repeat process until all doors are open. Loot all items. 



Fetid Pools Rewards



Fetid Pools Notes & Trivia

  • Lore and other trivia go here.



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    • Anonymous

      This event is repeatable by resetting your adventure world. 25 glowing frags each time.

      I'll go on a limb and say this is probably the fastest glowing fragment farm in the game with the lowest skill requirement.

      Start a Corsus map. Normal difficulty is fine. Run avoiding all the enemies. Fetid Pools entrance is always a tall green tower, so any other dungeons can be ignored. The entrance is shared by Hall of Whispers, Needle Lair, and Iskal Temple.

      Look for Cryptoliths on the way, as every 3rd activation gives you 25 Glowing Fragments. About half I've seen are not behind a gate so you don't have to clear a dungeon to get to them.

      Run through Fetid Pools and use the Blink Token at the end.


      + 25 frags for Fetid Pools
      + 3 Simulacrum
      + 25 frags for 3rd time touching Cryptolyth

      • Anonymous

        Did the back to the door technique. I'll add this. Sometimes it takes a while for the door to open (~15 sec) but if you do it right, you won't be able to hit X on the door. And it will just open.

        For those who are having trouble, if you look closely, you can see a small circle where the X button would be should you be facing it. I got the best results by centering this tiny circle between my characters backpack and right shoulder

        You CAN open all the doors without even grabbing the Rusted Amulet

        • Anonymous

          to be honest you could just make character after character and sell the simulacrum for other ppl to get if you have a friend.

          • Anonymous

            9 out of 10 people have no idea what to do in this map. They take up the amulet and then doesn't know how to use it... It's frustrating. Today, I've transformed my amulet to open the door to the upper area and the other 2 players had 0 concept of how that map works... And one of them was a high level player.

            • Anonymous

              Side note: multiple people can time use (both be on key selection screen, but press action button at same time) of a single key on multiple doors. My buddy wouldn't do the upload/download so we tried that method instead with my 1x key I got from downloading profile data.

              • Anonymous

                For persons trying this Solo or want to open all doors, theres a bug using the "blink token" weapon mod where you stand with your back against the door and use the blink token below you, will the blink animation play spam the interact key to open the door. This works because while you blink you are a short time inside the door so it just opens.
                Its an exploid but use it as you seem fit

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