Juggernaut Band

Status Effect

After sprinting for 2 seconds, incoming damage is reduced by 10%, Movement Speed is increased by 15%, stagger level is reduced by 1, and the wearer will perform the heaviest evade.

Juggernaut Band is a Ring and an accessory in Remnant: From the Ashes. Juggernaut Band is/isn't a Craftable Item. Rings provide additional protection or other bonuses to your character, add buffs to the player's Stats, and resistance to Status Ailments. Different accessories have different defense values and are, therefore, more or less effective.



Once the Hakun set himself in motion, he could not be stopped. Once the Emin set themselves against him, they could not be saved.


Where to find Juggernaut Band

  • Warning Totems Event: Destroy all totems, alerting some but not all.



Juggernaut Band Notes

  • Players can equip up to two Rings.
  • To manage and equip rings, open the Character Menu and cycle to the accessories slot below the Armor slots.



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    • Anonymous

      From what I can see, this might be useful in a group when you're also wearing Aggressor's Bane, drawing aggro to yourself while you run around. Juggernaught's Band will raise your damage resist to 25% thanks to the two and you're less likely to get combo'd by a group or some of their ranged attacks. If the stagger resist combines with Leto's Armor set, you could be running around groups taking little damage and pulling all the attention from allies. The heavy dodge is basically to tell you don't dodge, RUN!

      • Anonymous

        I can't figure out a purpose for this ring lol. I swear I've tried. more damage flop damage from gear other than leto while sacrificing a ring slot? Why?

        • Anonymous

          I did get the band by alerted 1/5,and I got the Vulcan's Detonator by alerted 2/5 ,so I guess u have to destroy 4 of them without alerted,then destroy the last one by alerted it to get the band

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