Ring of the Admiral

Status Effect

Damage received is increased by 200%. All damage dealt is increased by 15%.

Ring of the Admiral is a Ring and an accessory in Remnant: From the Ashes. Ring of the Admiral isn't a Craftable Item. The ring will offer the player an extra hard game, as it will increase all damage received by 200%. It will also provide the player with a 15% melee and ranged buff. 


An inscription on the inside reads: "LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE!" This piece of junk looks like it's worth no more than $2 at a local drugstore.

Where to find Ring of the Admiral

  • Can be bought from Reggie


Ring of the Admiral Notes

  • In game description reads "Increased By 300%" which means x4 damage, but actual tests reveal that the increase is only x3 so it should read "Increased By 200%".
  • + 200% damage received
  • + 15% melee and ranged damage output



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    • Anonymous

      i believe this Ring intention is for a much harder experience or a QoL for no-hitting. im currently No-hitting bosses in Apocalypse and this ring helps a lot with letting the boss kill me outright instead of leaving me with a bit of health. the 15% bonus damage is very good on a fresh character where you may not find anything to help buff damage. im doing a fresh Apocalypse run.

      • Anonymous

        The description above, should just go on to say "ring is only useful w/specific characters".....it doesn't
        say, if any other character wears it, you'll end up having health/life depleted quickly.

        • Anonymous

          should only be 100% damage taken, the damage boost does not justify the 3x damage taken at all. poor balancing, though from what i understand it used to pair with certain items to make it op, but its just useless now. unless you are really ****ing good at not getting hit, and avoid hordes where getting hit is inevitable.

          • Anonymous

            New to game, trying to do this stealth and no hit/no death solo, and from my first character in the first area and my second to test this ring, this ring (if nothing better turns up) is a permanent ring for apocalypse difficulty, and currently the only one I got, I was just seeing what others said about it and I’m assuming better ones come up, but for the most part, all I need, guns and dodge make this game easy so far but I’ve just started so too early to say this game is easy, and I hope it does get harder cause I’m already enjoying this “dark souls but with guns” style game

            • Anonymous

              This is the ring of the Admiral. The man that stands in front of you is called "The Admiral"... Why?
              Because he's a badass. Do you know how many wars he fought in and won? How old he is? Look at his clothes. He's a certified badass. And I'm sure you've heard about all the lost lives from all of the other characters... RIP Mark (little kid's big brother who died a couple weeks into finding a safe haven from the apocalypse!), blacksmith's "Partner"... But yea, lots of dead loves aside, this old guy gave you one of his last mementos of his past life of killing. And after you let him talk your ear off for a while? You buy this piece of junk for 2 dollars... This "priceless" artifact. And then as soon as you do that, he doesn't seem to remember a single story to tell you about his past lives. RIP Admiral.

              • Anonymous

                the difficulty settings on this game is.. normal (bit easy) hard (very annoying at lvl 1) extreme (almost impossible at lvl 1) if you want to play the game bettween difficulty normal and hard (the perfect spot for me) using this ring in the normal difficulty it is a good alternative.

                • Anonymous

                  Everyone***** talking this ring, but at launch it stacked with the Galenic Charm. That meant that as soon as you had Ruin you were completely immortal. With a high armor defense you’d die in 2 hits, but it only took one to charge the mod. Not sure if they’ve patched it since then.

                  • Anonymous

                    Just lettng everyone know i just finished a nightmare run with this ring equipped the whole run you get absolutely nothing for it no special thanks no mention no secrets revealed. waste of time

                    • Anonymous

                      Trivia for this ring. It's named after a twtich streamer Admiral_Bahroo who is the first one to complete Nightmare mode with a character that started at lvl 1

                      • Anonymous

                        Ring of the Admiral: 300% bonus incoming damage, +15% Ranged & Melee damage Bought from Reggie (Consumable Shop) for 2 Scrap.

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