Warning Totems

Location Reisum
Enemies Urikki
Reward 787 Scrap
5x Lumenite Crystal
1x Bloodletter's Insignia
1x Juggernaut Band
1x Vulcan's Detonator
1x Evoker's Seal

Warning Totems is a Random Event in Remnant: From the Ashes. Random events act like side quests where players need to complete some requests in order to obtain a reward. The events may or may not appear on your play through, requiring a restart for a chance of getting them.



Warning Totems Location

  • Location: Reisum - Magir's Dirge



Warning Totems Description

  • When you enter Magir's Dirge you'll notice totems across the dungeon. You will hear a glowing sound when you are near a totem
  • If you get close enough the totems will be alerted and enemies will spawn. You can avoid alerting them by attacking from a distance
  • Once one totem is alerted, all future totems will be alerted
  • The reward will vary depending on how many totems you alert during your run.
  • You must complete this dungeon several times to acquire all rewards.



Warning Totems Rewards

  • 787 Scrap
  • 5x Lumenite Crystal
  • 1x Bloodletter's Insignia (At the end of the dungeon)
  • Depending on how you complete it:
    • Destroy all totems, alerting some but not all (only certain combinations will work): 1x Juggernaut Band
      • Combination One: First destroy 3 totems unalerted, alert the fourth totem, destroy fourth and fifth totem
      • All other combinations will yield 1x Evoker's Seal
    • Destroy all totems without alerting them: 1x Evoker's Seal
    • Destroy all totems alerting all of them: 1x Vulcan's Detonator



Warning Totems Notes & Trivia

  • Lore and other trivia go here.



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    • Anonymous

      Juggernaut Band: Run into the first big room, and the first totem will be alerted. After that, you need to endure the seemingly endless rat invasion, then use Swarm or Sniper Rifle to take out one totem without it seeing you. What's written up there is not true, despite the totems all looking like they're alerted (they emit purple light), they're actually not, only if they see you.
      Evoker's Seal: Use the Sniper Rifle! The totems emit a very loud, ominous sound, and project blue light. They're quite small, but once you spot the first, you can spot the rest.
      Vulcan's Detonator: Use Flicker Cloak + Swarm, run through the whole map! If you see a totem, run to it, shoot it, run, avoid the 2 million rats behind you, let Swarm take them down, use all the Healing available! Maybe Heart of the Wolf is good here, I didn't used it.
      Cultist Set is great here, it charges up Swarm and Flicker Cloak too.

      • Anonymous

        I got the vulcan detonator by not dying but more importantly I first ran to all 5 totems before starting to destroy them and used melee to destroy each one just to make sure I was in melee range each time one was killed. It's actually not hard as long as when you reach the fifth you lunge at it then you can clean up the horde with AoE of your choice to make the backtrack safer.

        • Anonymous

          I'll tell you boys how it is.
          YOU CANNOT DIE. Once you alert the first one, there will be about 50 rat bastards you gotta put down. In order to get the Vulcans detonator, you cannot die (ive heard some people say that you cannot rest either). When you alert the first one, all of the warning totems will start pulsing (which means it is alerted) . Hope this helps

          • Anonymous

            Like others have said, I feel like the totem mechanics might be bugged. When you trigger the first totem by running up to it, it seems like they're all triggered. That could be by design, but if you die, it seems impossible to get Vulcan's Detonator. I was able to get Vulcan's Detonator by triggering the first totem and then running through the map kiting mobs to kill the other totems. It's pretty easy to just run through the map. It's pretty painful to kill the many waves of moles the alerted totem spawns, so it saves a lot of time and risk to just run through the map. I ran up close to each totem even though they looked alerted in case they weren't.

            • Anonymous

              It does seem like dying causes it to bug, I cannot complete it this run. There are two totems on the list with now health bar that are not actually there.

              • Anonymous

                I fully cleared the dungeon and it still shows that I have to destroy 2 totems. Looks like it bugged for me.

                • Anonymous

                  "You can complete this dungeon several times to acquire all rewards."
                  For istance, yes you can......by rerolling the adventure just like any other dungeon.. The totem disappear forever when you destroying them and you can't retry even if you get caught. Destroying/alerting is permanent for that adventure

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