Aggressor's Bane

Status Effect

Reduces incoming damage by 15%, but also increases enemy aggression towards the wearer, and increases enemy awareness by range 200%.

Aggressor's Bane is a Ring and an accessory in Remnant: From the Ashes


When one's arm blocks a blade, we do not say it sacrificed itself, for the body is one, and the arm's purpose is to protect the whole.

Where to find Aggressor's Bane

  • Can be found on Earth as a random drop.



Aggressor's Bane Notes



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    • It reduces damage, i was try without armor on normal mod and compared damage. It also work with Leto's armor and reduce DMG a little, but the problem is this how its work? I mean what damage it reduce?
      1. All incoming damage?
      2. Damage wich being reduced by armor?
      3. Damage wich being reduced by armor and Leto's bonus?
      If last(sounds like a true), than its not worth of using.

      • Anonymous

        This ring increases not only your melee and ranged damage reduction by 15%, but also all your elemental resistances by 15 as well.

        • Anonymous

          is it just me or does this ring do absolutely nothing to pull aggro. Seems to have zero affect when trying it co-op

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