Mad Merchant


Location Earth, Junk Town

Mad Merchant (Also known as the Twisted Mask Merchant) is a Merchant in Remnant: From the Ashes.


Mad Merchant Information


Merchant's Inventory:


Associated Quests

  • Demanding the Mask of the Merchant enough makes him hostile towards you, succeeding in defeating him will drop his Twisted Mask.
  • Obtaining Bark Skin Trait from the Wailing Tree Event: Speak with Mad Merchant until you are given the option to demand his mask. Kill him to obtain the Twisted Mask. Equip the mask and interact with the Wailing Tree. The tree will gift the player Bark Skin, and die. This locks the player out from obtaining the Twisted Idol. The Trait  can only be obtained by one player per playthrough.



  • Most of his dialog is constant paranoid muttering, speaking as if possessed.
  • His dialog changes a little and even mentions to the player that "It" is still listening if the player defeated the Wailing Tree beforehand. His other dialog options however don't change.


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Roger Craig Smith
  • The Merchant may be a 'Chosen' by the Root that can listen and communicate with the Root  much like the Root Mother.



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    • Anonymous

      He sells the same as Ace, once I got a symmulacrum from him. So I first check out what he sells before wiping him out.

      • Anonymous

        In my experience the only way I've been able to activate his Merchant Services is to kill the Wailing Tree first. After the Wailing Tree is dead I talked with him, unique dialogue appeared, then the "let me see what you have" option appeared for me.

        • Anonymous

          So does he randomly spawn like the bosses? Because i have not seen him in mine and i checked all of my earth areas

          • Don't kill him too is an option. If you let him live Go kill the oak tree. then the voices in his head coming from the mask should go away... Now I have not done this just thought of it after I killed him. The other option is to kill him to take the mask. Wear it as you talk to the oak and it will give you a trait for armor, then kill the oak and get a trinket that increases armor. This guy is list as a merchant so I bet he sells somethings you do find him in a shop.

            • Anonymous

              Seems if you ask about the mask to much he wants to kill you. He dropped his mask. Gives regrowth. Health regen.

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