Krall Mother

Location Reisum
Race Krall

Krall Mother is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes


Krall Mother Information


Siphoner & Blessed Necklace

  • Obtainable both in Subject 2923 Campaign and Adventure Mode.
  • The Krall Baby and Krall Mother are not linked spawns, and so can appear separately or together in Reisum. 
  • The Siphoner Trait can be obtained simply by freeing the Krall Baby when it appears randomly inside Wuthering Keep or The Wild Reach. As soon as you break the lock on its cage, the trait is rewarded. Speaking with the Krall Mother before or after is not required.
  • However, your map must have both the Krall Baby in Wuthering Keep or The Wild Reach and the Krall Mother in Chillwind Hovel in order to complete the 'Rescue the Krall Baby' quest. As soon as you shoot to break the lock on the Krall Baby's cage (this can also reward you with the Siphoner Trait), return to speak with the Krall Mother, and you will receive the Blessed Necklace.


Krall Baby Cage


Merchant's Inventory:

 Item Price


100 Scrap

Frenzy Dust

100 Scrap

Pristine Essence

200 Scrap


50 Scrap

Scavenger's Ring

400 Scrap




  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: ???
  • Trivia and such go here



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    • Anonymous

      jeu de fdp impossible de trouver ce ptn de rat apres plus de 125 run allez vous enculé vous et votre RNG Remnant

      • Anonymous

        found both in my first run .... I was very lucky :D BUT Krall's mother didn't have the merchant option because I saved her son first and then I found her, I have to reroll the campaign :(

        • Anonymous

          These devs gotta learn that not everything that makes you play the game more is good. You have to hope to roll one of the areas in which the child spawn, run around massive dungeons full of enemies just to get a CHANCE of getting the trait.

          And that's if you just want the trait, if you want the charm the RNG is even worse.

          Things like this is why I like Souls so much. You want an item? Kill a boss, go to a specific place, talk to a certain NPC, but you don't have to deal with this RNG bullshit. Maybe you have for a specific thing I'm not remembering right now, but it isn't like the game is modeled by RNG like Nioh and this.

          All in all Remnant is a decent game, but I'm glad I got this on PS+. I've never like randomly generated dungeons and this game sure didn't change my mind.

          • Anonymous

            Finding both is nearly impossible. I rolled about 200 times never got both. In terms of time consuming it's better to roll a campaign. You'll get in one out of four. This if you use the world analizer or not.

            • Anonymous

              A good indicator if you have both the krall baby and the entirely on the mothers spawn. If she spawns, and has four flesh colour rats and one silver rat, tough luck. Gotta reroll.

              If she has the four flesh coloured rats but no silver one, you e gir your missing baby in wild reach or wuldering keep.

              Something I've noticed is that one the campaign because it's a bigger map you are more likely to find more things than just rerolling adventure mode. Of course its distasteful to reroll the campaign as how much time it consumes but....just thought I'd throw it out there

              • Anonymous

                She only offered to sell things to me after completing her quest *and* rerolling the adventure to find her again. The baby rat I'd previously saved was already with her on the reroll.

                • Anonymous

                  I found the cage with the baby rat in one of the "dungeons". Here's how it looks like:

                  • Anonymous

                    if you got the mother rat that means you can find the baby but its not 100% to have the event as well. rerolled over 80times and got only the krall baby and no mother. you have really lucky to get both in one map

                    • Does anyone know if the mother spawns does that mean the missing kid will as well? I've had her twice and she just sells stuff but has never mentioned a missing kid. I haven't ran into it either unless I've just missed it both times.

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