Mud Tooth


Location Earth

Mud Tooth is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes.


Mud Tooth Information

  • Mud Tooth is a Merchant that provides Consumables.
  • Mud Dogs used to be lead by Mud Tooth before he stepped down and let his son Brabus be their new leader.
  • Location: Mud Tooth Can be found at Earth inside an old helicopter. You will hear a record player playing some old time music followed by babble of an old man. Most likely about the stew he just made.
  • If you listen to his stories, he will give you the Pocket Watch which he says he was keeping for his son.
    This can be given to Brabus to avoid his fight and gain the Bandit Set.

Merchant's Inventory:

 Item Price
Ammo Box
200 Scrap
Mudtooth's Stew
500 Scrap
Mudtooth's Tonic
500 Scrap


Associated Quests

  • Questline Information and Progression
  • Endings impact



  • I never known deadwood to be the quittin' type. I expect it's on account of that time I killed 300 of them afore breakfast. Ha! 300 of 'em afore breakfast!
  • You met Commander Ford over in Ward 13? Huh? Good Leader. Sad family.
  • Others ran, but not me. They were folk! They had meds! So I fought for 'em, tooth and nail, literally! Biting the damn deadwood off me! Rest of the Crazy 8 saw me and said, 'Damn, that's a mudder what's got some teeth,' Uh-huh. The name Mud Tooth stuck ever since.
  • This was my wife's. I'd planned on giving it to my boy, but well ha ha... maybe it's time to give up on him coming around, huh? Ain't no time left in this world to wait on true family. I reckon you're close enough. Take care of it.

Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Darin De Paul
  • With a little bit of research, you can find on the wall of the helicopter of Mud Tooth a special note on Ward 17 and it's activity.
  • If you speak to Mud Tooth while wearing the Bandit Set, he has some unique dialogue.



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