Location Rhom
Reward Void Set

Monolith is a Random Event in Remnant: From the Ashes. Random events act like side quests where players need to complete some requests in order to obtain a reward. The events may or may not appear on your play through, requiring a restart for a chance of getting them.



Monolith Location



Monolith Description

  • Obtaining the Void Set: Can be purchased for 2,500 Scrap at Rhom, at the Monolith - after completing floor tile puzzle. The solution of the puzzle can be found written on the wall at the back of the Monolith or on any walls in the area if it’s not on the Monolith.

  • Solving the Monolith Floor Puzzle: Each of the symbols of the written code on the back of the tower represent one of the 4 directions North, South, East, West. The diagram in the very center of the puzzle shows which symbol means what direction, with "North" being towards the monolith tower and the very starting point of the puzzle is from that diagram. You'll know you're doing the puzzle correctly if the floor panels you step on goes down, and stays down, in one continuous path. Once you press the initial starting panel and if you step on an incorrect one they will all come back up and random enemies will be spawned nearby.



Monolith Rewards



Monolith Notes & Trivia

  •   Lore and other trivia go here. 



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    • Anonymous

      There are only 3 possible solutions to this puzzle. Assume that away from the monolith is "north".
      Solution 1: S,E,N,E,E,N,E,E,S,W
      Solution 2: E,N,E,N,W,W,S,W,W,S
      Solution 3: W,W,W,S,W,N,W,N,E,E

      There is no need to look at the key behind the monolith. Just step on a tile near the compass tile. If it goes down, you know the starting tile, and that determines the rest of the pattern.

      • Anonymous

        Just a tip for getting this to spawn in Adventure Mode. As soon as you can spawn in a rolled world look up at the sky around you. The Monolith is a tall black tower that you should definitely be able to see from the starting checkpoint.

        If you don't see it after running around and looking, simply reroll Rhom and try again.

        • Anonymous

          Monolith pattern when it was on the wall. Again assuming Monolith/Checkpoint = North

          East > East > East > North > East > South > East > South > West > West

          • Anonymous

            Anyone know if this spawns in Adventure mode? Dumb question, but I haven't seen it yet through over a dozen rerolls.

            • Anonymous

              The solution has been the same for me every time, so I'm just posting here in the event it's always the same.

              Puzzle Solution assuming the Monolith is facing North:

              West > South > West > South > East > East > North > East > East > North

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