Magir Test

Location Reisum - Judgement's Spear
Enemies None
Reward Scavenger's Set

Magir Test is a Random Event in Remnant: From the Ashes. Random events act like side quests where players need to complete some requests in order to obtain a reward. The events may or may not appear on your play through, requiring a restart for a chance of getting them.



Magir Test Location

  • Location: Reisum - Judgement's Spear



Magir Test Description

  • In order to complete this event, you'll need to find the real Magir between the 8 that can be found at the entrance of the cave.
  • To find the real one, you'll need to read the text located before the statues. The text will be different each time and describes how Magir looks when everything finishes. The things that can change are:
    • The crown: Full crown or not
    • Injuries: Missing Fingers, Hand, or Tail
    • Using a Skull on the Shoulder or not.
  • Once you find the real one, press the button and the cave will open.
  • If you select a wrong statue, one of the items will fall. You will still be able to select another one and complete the event but you will be missing a piece (You can still get it in another run).
  • If you run inside the cave before activating any statue, a trap will kill you instantly.



Magir Test Rewards



Magir Test Notes & Trivia

  • Lore and other trivia go here.



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    • Anonymous

      16 Jan 2021 20:44  

      If u cant read the wall with hint coz of bug, just press buttons till u find the right one and it doesnt matter if the armor falls. After finding the right one exit to menu, then go back to the last checkpoint and the armor is gonna be there. Tested 16.01.2021

      • Anonymous

        24 Dec 2020 18:41  

        Something i found.
        Unharmed = Has his tail & Claws | He could be missing 1 or all his fingers
        Crown = Obviously has the crown on his head (I saw only 3 spikes, 1 long 2 tiny)
        Skull = If it says he doesn't have or does have the skull, it'll be on the shoulder.
        After determining these 3 factors I manage to get mine on the first try.

        • Anonymous

          13 Nov 2020 09:41  

          I hopnestly just gone with upmost left (for me) and i just disarmed the trap without losing any piece. That was easy

          • Anonymous

            13 Oct 2020 13:56  

            2 of my statues had not tail and acording to the story he had no tail so i picked one of them and the first one was wrong and the 2nd one was right, but they did look the same, wtf

            • Anonymous

              02 Oct 2020 08:56  

              If the story says magir was found unharmed, then exclude statues with missing fingers and/or tails. Next details are the crown and skull.

              • Anonymous

                10 Sep 2020 00:26  

                Yeah so this page was entirely unhelpful. Every statue had a skull. Story on the wall told me nothing. Two statues didn't have any fingers and everything else was the same with the statues. Game seemed to glitch out as the scavenger set is just floating there and the spike wall still appeared even though I guessed correctly in the end. Cool, so i gotta reroll 40 times to get this one again I guess.

                • Anonymous

                  04 Sep 2020 10:57  

                  You can fail the puzzle, get the scrap reward, exit to menu and get back to the last checkpoint and still get the armor set. The runewall won't be readable when you get back, so no honest second tries here, I suppose.

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Sep 2020 08:41  

                    for mine i just pressed the button that had a different color statue than the others, when i got close to the right one it had a white marble color to it instead of basic ice, the other 7 statues did not exibit this effect. could have been a glitch or missing texture, not sure.

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Aug 2020 02:32  

                      Mine had a tail. Had all said descriptions posted here... Missing Fingers/Hands, Missing Crown Point-Middle, and Skull on Shoulder. But I accidentally selected the Statue with a tail and it completed the encounter

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Aug 2020 13:58  

                        having lost his tail and one hand yet holding drak's head aloft with the other. Since that day, magir wore both the emin crown and drak's skull. so check the one that :
                        have a broken arm (no hands)
                        have a broken tail (no tail)
                        have a skull on it's shoulder
                        have it's horn intact not broken

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Aug 2020 08:25  

                          lost his tail, and one hand yet holding drak's head aloft with the other. find the one without tail and with a broken arm with a skull in his arm. easy enough

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Aug 2020 02:48  

                            There is some critical info missing from this page:

                            An uninjured Magir will have all 10 fingers AND a tail.

                            Here is video evidence:

                            Note that the first two Magir shown are identical except one has its tail. Hence, the second Magir was the answer.

                            • Anonymous

                              23 Aug 2020 21:56  

                              I already got the set. But today I joined someone else's session and the writing on the wall was gibberish. I still haven't found how to get words to appear on the wall.

                              • Anonymous

                                23 Aug 2020 17:00  

                                There is a critical piece of info missing from this doc. If the rat is missing a tail, that is considered an injury.

                                Therefore, this doc should read:

                                "Injuries: Missing Fingers, Hand or Tail"

                                • Anonymous

                                  22 Aug 2020 17:58  

                                  Don't know if something is missing or not but I wasn't able to read the runes.
                                  Anyways, just press random buttons until you find the right one, even if pieces of the armor drop down just keep pressing. After you located the right button, just quit to menu and reload to last checkpoint.
                                  Press the right button and grab all the pieces (they will be respawned).

                                  • Anonymous

                                    22 Aug 2020 04:44  

                                    I think this either has another step, or is bugged for some people. Like the poster below the rock wall is gibberish to me, just untranslated runes, and the paper has nothing to do with the statues.. I'm not sure if you need something in order to read them, or if there are different puzzles for the same location.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      22 Aug 2020 01:47  

                                      The text on the table does not say anything about the guy and the runes on the wall don't say anything when I inspect them. Am I missing something?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        22 Aug 2020 00:45  

                                        You are looking for missing fingers, crown (if it has a point in middle), if he has a skull on his shoulder and the tail (missing or not). Not sure how much the text details but in mine it mentioned he wore a skull and that he was unharmed after a battle. Took me a while to realize he had a tail to look at.

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