Showdown at Junk Town

Location Earth - Junktown
Enemies Mad Merchant
Reward Twisted Mask

Showdown at Junk Town is a Random Event in Remnant: From the Ashes. Random events act like side quests where players need to complete some requests in order to obtain a reward. The events may or may not appear on your play through, requiring a restart for a chance of getting them.



Showdown at Junk Town Description

  • Upon entering the location, you will meet the Mad Merchant. Talk to him and ask him about the mask. If you avoid insisting about the mask, he will provide Merchant services. If you keep insisting about the mask, he will eventually go hostile and attack you. Kill him and you will acquire Twisted Mask.
  • Wearing this mask enables you to talk to the Wailing Tree on Earth, providing access to the Bark Skin Trait.



Showdown at Junk Town Location

  • Location: Earth - Junktown



Showdown at Junk Town Rewards



Showdown at Junk Town Notes & Trivia

  • Lore and other trivia go here.



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    • Anonymous

      Found this guy after fighting the first boss in the game, but i'm assuming each worlds are randomly generated. So don't know if anyone can get him after killing the first boss you encountered.

      • Anonymous

        It is possible to buy from this Merchant to do so avoid asking about his Mask, he selling Materials (Iron) same as Ace and yes you can buy from him and after that still ask about the mask

        • Anonymous

          Can you get his Merchant services, then somehow get the mask. Want to know cuz I just killed him and didnt try out of fear cuz it was my first encounter

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