scrapper set remnant
Strengths: Excellent close range damage
Higher damage resistance
Early advantage vs. The Root
A Good Choice for: Players who require a little more defense and those who wish to smash through the early levels with little regard for strategy.

Scrapper is one of the character Archetypes in Remnant: From the Ashes. Archetypes are a component of Character Creation that take the place of traditional classes, determining a player's starting loadout and allowing them to form the basis for their build early in the game. The Scrapper is the tankier of the three archetypes. They excel in close-quarters combat and their starting equipment is conducive to getting up close and personal.

  • Choosing an Archetype does not lock players into a particular playstyle. They are meant to offer varied options for approaching combat early in the game.
  • Players can purchase the starting Weapons and Armor of other archetypes from Rigs in Ward 13. Starting Weapon Mods can also be purchased from McCabe.
  • All Traits can be discovered and acquired by all players. Archetypes simply start with certain traits already available.


Scrapper Archetype Information in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Scrapper excels in close-range combat. Wielding a Shotgun and Scrap Hammer, and decked in heavy armor, the Scrapper can take much more damage before needing to heal and is highly proficient at dispatching enemies up close and without too much need for accuracy. The Scrapper also starts with a weapon mod that deals Fire Damage, with a chance to inflict the fire icon remnantBURNING effect which deals damage-over-time. Both are highly effective against The Root, who comprise the most prominent enemy types early on as you make your way through Earth.


Scrapper Starting Loadout in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Scrapper archetype starts with the following equipment when beginning a playthrough:


  • Long Gun: Shotgun - Excellent at close range with its wide spread of pellets which is complemented by the Scrapper Armor Set's bonus when used within 5m.
  • Hand Gun: Repeater Pistol - Standard handgun available to all archetypes. Allows Scrappers to pick off enemies from a decent range, or damage them enough as they approach before finishing them off with the Shotgun.
  • Melee Weapon: Scrap Hammer - Slow, but powerful. Its big damage per hit makes it a good weapon for staggering larger opponents.


Weapon Mods

  • Hot Shot - Imbues ammunition with Fire for 30 seconds increasing damage dealt by 15%. Shots also have a percentage chance to ignite enemies, inflict the fire icon remnantBURNING status effect which deals damage over time. The chance to ignite varies by weapon; firearms that deal higher damage per shot will have a higher chance. The damage-over-time effect scales with the level of the weapon that the mod is equipped in.
  • This mod is highly effective against The Root, giving the Scrapper an edge against these opponents during the early segments of the game.


  • Vigor - Increases Health by 2.5 per Trait Point invested. Available to all archetypes at the start.
  • Endurance - Increases Stamina by 2.5 per Trait Point invested. Available to all archetypes at the start.
  • Warrior - Increases Melee 1% per Trait Point invested.


Remnant: From the Ashes Scrapper Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes for the Scrapper archetype go here.




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