Ex-Cultist is a class in Remnant: From the Ashes. Ex-Cultist can be identified as a starting support class. Classes are recognized as archetypes that are selected by a player at the beginning of the game. These classes start off with the same base stats but stand out on its own by providing each archetype with a unique set of starting gear which consists of weapons, armor, weapon mods, and traits.



Ex-Cultist Information

The Ex-Cultist is a starting archetype that is considered as a support class. Players can find an equal balance of close and mid-range combat but most importantly is exceptional with providing support. A starting loadout is provided such as a weapon mod that creates a healing pool to the team and a trait that increases the regeneration rate of weapon mods which highly focuses on a starting build made for those players who would like to play as a support class.


Ex-Cultist Starting Gear


Ex-Cultist Notes & Tips

  • As the game progresses, it is up to the player to create their own build by purchasing and upgrading their gear and stats that will fit their desired play-style.
  • As of Sept 2019, it is recommend to start as an Ex-Cultist, due to the difficulty in acquiring the Spirit Trait compared to the other unique starting Traits. All starting weapons, armor, and mods can be purchased after the tutorial for a pittance of scrap from the relevant vendors in Ward 13.



Hunter  ♦  Scrapper


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    • I'm not certain about this but I think this is a reference to Caleb the main character of blood, a shooter from 1997, he's an ex cultist cowboy with a double-barrel shotgun.

      • Definitive class for solo-play. Has armor with not only a good set bonus, but an extremely powerful one-piece bonus as well: passively generating Mod charge is game-changing, so expect to be dabbling into other sets but always wearing the same hat, coat, or pants with the other two pieces. Spirit Trait is strong and further pushes liberal mod usage. Back that up with a mod that passively heals you, and QUITE quickly, and a long gun starter that's on pretty even grounds with the Shotgun, and you have a very strong start. I will say its one downside is that the melee weapon has by far the worst moveset of the starting options and is the least outstanding in terms of damage or crit rate, but its most squirrely elements: the expensive mod, and its starting trait you might not find easily in playthroughs, means that that's overall a minuscule setback.

        • Anonymous

          Having a pretty sweet heal as solo player? Count me in!
          But for some reason I think an awful lot about choir boys now...

          • Anonymous

            By far the best class, hands down. The only reason I could fathom using a different class was if you really like melee, or if you like long-range combat. Cultist starting with 20 spirit points is ridiculous, and Menders Aura is just useful the entire game. Plus, coach gun is just better shotgun, so why not use it?

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