Archetypes in Remnant: From the Ashes are a component of Character CreationArchetypes take the place of traditional Classes found in many RPG titles, without locking players into a particular playstyle or set of equipment and abilities. Instead, Archetypes determine your starting loadout which is comprised of Weapons, Armor, Weapon Mods and Traits, and they can also help players form the basis for their build early in the game. There are three Archetypes to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, all of which can aid players depending on their preferred playstyle, skill level, and other factors.

It is important to note that because there are no limitations on what a character is able to equip or the Traits they can acquire, players are free to build their character how they wish. Additionally, all starting Weapons, Armor and Weapon Mods for all Archetypes are available for purchase from Rigs and McCabe in Ward 13. All Traits can also be discovered by any player, regardless of archetype chosen, so you will never miss out on anything by picking one archetype over the other.


All Archetypes in Remnant: From the Ashes


scrapper archetype remnant from the ashes wiki guide 300px

The Scrapper excels in close-range combat. Wielding a shotgun and a hammer, and decked in heavy armor, the Scrapper can take much more damage before needing to heal and is highly proficient at dispatching enemies up close and without too much need for accuracy. The Scrapper also starts with a weapon mod that deals Fire Damage, with a chance to inflict a damage-over-time effect which is highly effective against The Root, who are the most prominent enemy types early on.

  • Starting Trait increases melee damage, giving them an edge when getting up close and personal
  • Armor grants the highest armor rating among all starting armor. Its Set Bonus also increases damage dealt from all sources while reducing damage taken by 15% when within a 5m range.
  • Shotgun has very limited range, but is incredibly powerful up close. 
  • A good pick for players who require a little more defense and those who wish to smash through the early levels with little regard for strategy.




ex cultist archetype remnant from the ashes wiki guide 300px

The Ex-Cultist is equipped with a coach gun which fares better at range than the Scrapper's shotgun, but only slightly. The Ex-Cultist's strengths lie in their ability to be self-sufficient. Starting with a Weapon Mod that heals them and their teammates is very valuable when learning the ropes, and will also help conserve on consumables for when you really need them. During co-op play, their Weapon Mod is even more important as it allows them to save Dragon Heart charges for reviving teammates instead of healing. Skillful management of this Weapon Mod's ability allows for a good amount of survivability.

  • Starting Trait synergizes very well with the Weapon Mod, allowing them to generate more Mod Power (energy) and heal more often.
  • Starting Armor Set Bonus also synergizes with the Weapon Mod, increasing its duration and applying a very small, passive Mod Power generation.
  • Very high survivability with less reliance on consumables or Dragon Heart charges.
  • Coach Gun allows for some effectiveness in ranged encounters, but is best used from close to medium range.
  • A great pick for solo players, but also excels in teams.




hunter archetype remnant from the ashes wiki guide 300px

The Hunter starts off with weapons and mods that center around dealing damage and exploiting enemy weak spots. They excel in dealing damage from afar but may have difficulty in enclosed spaces with their long gun. The Hunter's starting Trait is also conducive to a stealthy playstyle or for preventing ambushes which can offer some survivability. Their Weapon Mod allows them to see enemies through walls, allowing for strategizing and pinpointing certain enemies from within cover. It also increases their chance to critically hit marked opponents, further increasing damage potential.

  • Starting Trait is useful for picking off enemies before they become aware of you.
  • Starting Weapon Mod is incredibly useful for both solo and team play, particularly for coordinating damage phases against the toughest Bosses.
  • Starting Armor Set bonus boosts weak spot damage, rewarding accurate gunplay while also reducing weapon spread.
  • Highest early damage potential and longest range, but does not have many early options for survivability.
  • A good pick for players who like to pick off enemies from a distance, as well as those who enjoy high damage capabilities.




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    • Anonymous

      If you are starting a fresh character on hardcore just pick ex cultist. That way you have a starting trait that matters no matter what you find in the world.

      • Anonymous

        The starting class matters a lot in this game. For that, one of the three skill traits you get from the classes is possible to obtain through random events, which are hard to come by unless you engage in adventurers, I think. The Hunter is the worst since you can quickly acquire his weapons and armor. Furthermore, his skill trait is not helpful when compared to the traits of the other classes skill traits.

        • Anonymous

          I know that some folks say that class doesn't matter a whole lot for this game, but it really does. There is no right class to choose, but there is a more fitting class depending on how you want to play the game. Hunter is more reliable if you are playing with other people, due to the fact that it has a trait that allows it to move without being noticed, and starts with a long range weapon that lets you stay back and shoot things from a distance, while someone who may be a bit more tanky keeps them distracted. Ex-Cultist is reliable if you remember that mods exist, because they start with a stat that recharges mods faster, and starts with a powerful healing mod right from the start. And the Scrapper is good for Solo play or just a more melee oriented playstyle, because he starts with a powerful, though slow, melee weapon, a tanky set of armor that boosts your damage when attacking nearby enemies, while also reducing the damage you take from those same enemies, and a very powerful mod that makes taking out enemies with or without weak points much easier from the start.

          Though, with all this being said, you can buy other classes' weapons and armor from Riggs, their mods from McCabe, and you can also obtain the extra traits from certain dungeons.

          • Anonymous

            Whoever says that class choice here doesn't matter is wrong and a dunce. Weapon choice doesn't matter considering you can literally buy the starting weapons right after you finish the tutorial. Mod choice also doesn't matter because, again, you can buy those from McCabe - pricy at start sure, but well worth it.

            What matters is the beginning trait - Ex Cultist starts with a very useful Mod Generation trait, which speeds up the time you need to charge your Weapon Mod. Enemy aggro range is idiotic considering you lose exp, scrap and materials if you dont fight enemies and the melee damage bonus is moot because the game's melee combat is kinda dogshiet - one of the things I don't like is how you can't block or parry for some reason, but whatever.

            Ex-Cultist always, then buy a Scrap Sword, Hunting Rifle and find the Sub-Machine gun and you're good.

            • Anonymous

              After choosing your class, you can literally go and buy the mods, weapons, and armor from the armory guys. honestly each class just gives you a role to fill if you play with friends, so everyone isnt running around doing the same thing. Personally I chose ex-cultist for the healing mod, it has helped alot especially in boss fights when i get a chance to breath.

              • Anonymous

                Female or not... the classed offered are unique in their own way. I'm using the Scrapper archtype and have been thoroughly enjoying the game.

                • Anonymous

                  Sure would have been nice to have more options for character creation. Voices, specifically yells in battle are cringey. Just awful. Why can't they let you have a cool looking female character?

                  • Anonymous

                    Keep in mind that classes in this game are NOT an actual choice that you have to stick with. You can literally buy every class weapon, every class armor set and every class weapon mod directly after choosing your class. It's simply a free starter kit of equipment. Choose whichever you like, but don't expect to be using ANY of the equipment gained at the start of the game past your first boss. Once you hit the second area, all of the equipment becomes obsolete. The only weapon mod worth using past the start of the game is the healing aura for Co-opping with friends, since it saves your group a dragonheart use or lets you defend an area more ardently.

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