There are 4 different difficulty levels in Remnant: From the Ashes. This page contains information on levels of difficulties and their effects on gameplay.


Difficulty scales enemy hp, enemy damage and experience gain. There are no other aspects the difficulty settings change. The loot spawns the same for all different difficulties except for Glowing Fragment.

Non-boss = Affects regular enemies. Boss = Affects only Dungeon and World Bosses.

 Difficulties Non-boss HP Non-boss DMG Boss HP Boss DMG Experience
Normal 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Hard 150% 165% 165% 165% 115%
Nightmare 250% 350% 312.5% 262.5% 130%
Apocalypse 275% 450% 412.5% 405% 150%

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    • Anonymous

      Me and my friend went blind into the game and chose apocalypse. 16 days of in-game time and we'd just reached the claviger earlier today. **** is pure hell and it takes a lot of focus to dodge all the attacks but we are very dedicated to finish the campaign, wish us luck.

      • Anonymous

        Apocalypse alote Folk Forget that was added later on to the game was not there at 1st.. and try to start on that lol

        • Anonymous

          We just played till Dreamer on Nightmare with three guys as our first run. Took us 18 hours to reach him, but I'm not sure if we ever gonna finish him off. We had been stuck for about 4 hours against the undead king, skipped Ixillis (damage race had just been impossible) but had the time of our life starting off at nightmare and struggling against every single boss.

          • Anonymous

            Just beat campaign on Apocalypse. And honestly? Not worth it. The person that thought that a 50% experience boost and a few more glowing fragments for enemies having like 4x stats was an acceptable or reasonable tradeoff on the Dev team needs to be fired.

            • Anonymous

              This is not true: "The loot spawns the same for all different difficulties."
              According to:

              • Anonymous

                I and my buddy started to play the game for the first time ever on the apocalypse difficulty. If you plan your gear setup and traits well, and you adopt with your weapons and abilities, you can have great fun as a duo, very challenging, you have to come up with strats and plan your battles ahead, the best experience ever.

                If you want to do that, and you want a few hints to help you start:
                *Destroy all wooden boxes, shelves, chairs to earn as much scrap as possible, collect all the iron, and keep purchasing all the iron from Ace, the NPC as she restocks some every time you visit the hub.
                *Start with the Ex-Cultist Class due to the best default traits: Vigor 1, Endurance 4, Spirit 5.
                *Save your trait points, once you and your buddy die enough amount of times, you will unlock the Revivalist trait that speeds up the revive time, you both max this to 20 ASAP, then you max Spirit trait for quicker mod power generation.
                *You will find Drifter's set very early in the game, use 2 pieces of Drifter's and 1 piece of Cultist Duster. This combination will give you the passive mod generation from Cultist Duster, and a 15% bonus to damage output from Drifter's set.
                *Use the Hunting Rifle, Repeater Pistol, and the Scrap Sword, then you can swap the main weapon with the shotgun or sniper rifle that you find later on. Also, max all the weapons to +5 ASAP for the highest damage boost, then plan your later upgrades ahead carefully beyond that point.
                *Use the Hot Shot ability on your long gun, and Mender's Aura on your secondary for the healing. You stack DoT damage on bosses with your buddy, you coordinate the cooldowns.
                *Frequently purchase consumables such as ammo boxes and other essentials to help you in battle.

                It's all just a starting setup I and my buddy came up with during our trial and error approach, we defeated a few bosses already, now we are at Singe, got it to 50% already, we are working on better strats to overcome this boss fight as its immune to the Hot Shot ability.

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