This page is intended to be a more in-depth guide for bosses & dungeon breakdown in Survival Mode.

For more general information on the Survival game mode itself, see the main Wiki page on Survival Mode.


Survival Mode Bosses & Strategies

Basic survival gameplay loop & strategy introduction

The structure of survival map layouts differs from Campaign/Adventure significantly in that each map has one entrance and exit, a path between the two, and no additional exits or map events.

The core gameplay loop of a survival run is as follows:

  1. Labyrinth > (New Planet) Overworld map > Dungeon map > Boss > Labyrinth
  2. Labyrinth > (New Planet) Overworld map > Dungeon map > Boss > Labyrinth
  3. Labyrinth > (New Planet) Overworld map > World Boss > Labyrinth
  4. Repeat

All dungeon bosses have an overworld and dungeon map preceding their arena, World Bosses will only have an overworld map (no dungeon) before their arena.

No events can be found in Survival mode, but some event-related bosses can be (like Riphide). The list of all random events can be found here.

All Traits can only be obtained randomly via Mysterious Tomes (and the Labyrinth Shop) and not as rewards from notable boss kills, as is the case in campaign & adventure game modes.

All Items that must be unlocked in Survival Mode or by defeating notable bosses in Hardcore Difficulty can all be found in the Labyrinth Shops in Survival Mode, and can be purchased for the run, regardless of whether they have been unlocked or not. Purchasing or finding such an item and using it for the survival mode run will not account-wide unlock it.

Tip: A popular strategy upon starting a survival run is to sell 2-3 of the Ammo Box consumables you start with in order to purchase additional items in the labyrinth shops before your first boss.

What do I have to gain from knowing about Survival mode bosses & these strategies?

In addition to Glowing Fragments, which can be used to purchase armor skins and certain survival-mode items, a number of survival mode items can be unlocked via challenges in the game mode:

The following account-bound items can be unlocked by repeatedly defeating survival mode bosses:

Bosses, Dungeons, Rewards, & Notes

There are a total of 19 Survival Dungeon Bosses and 9 Survival World Bosses that must be defeated twice each (38 Boss Kills, 18 World Boss Kills, for a total of 56) to unlock the Black Cat Band (Defeat Each Miniboss Twice), Bright Steel Ring (Defeat Each World Boss Twice), and White Rose (Defeat all survival bosses Twice)

Knowing what boss is upcoming can help aide you in being prepared to fight it. Most of this information can be gained from hints around the area approaching bosses. Knowing what planet or dungeon type you're in can narrow down the possible upcoming bosses to very few. Knowing the exact name of the dungeon (presented upon entering it) will indicate which boss you'll be fighting at the end of the dungeon, as all boss arenas have a specific dungeon name preceding them. For example, knowing you're on earth and entering a sewer manhole dungeon informs you of the two possible survival Earth bosses you could potentially face: Gorefist & Shroud. Additional clues like the names of the leading dungeon, such as "Sunken Passage" or clues within the dungeon itself, such as "Don't Take It, It Sees" written on the wall, or breakable effigies in the dungeon, can give you an indication of which boss you're fighting before you get to it, and help you plan accordingly. In these examples, the upcoming boss would have been Shroud, and the lack of these indicators could point a player towards knowing that the upcoming boss would be Gorefist. See the Boss/Dungeon table below for more details on what dungeons/information correspond to what boss.

A comprehensive list of bosses and their potential modifiers can be found on the Bosses wiki page.

A quick-reference list of all Survival Mode Bosses and their preceding dungeons alongside their rewards and some notes can be found below.


  • Adds/Minions - "Normal" enemies that bosses will summon during the boss fight. These can range from minor distractions to dangers during the fight. Some bosses (such as The Thrall) will summon elite type enemies as adds during the fight.
  • Boss/MiniBoss/Dungeon Boss - The boss found at the end of a dungeon, as opposed to a World Boss
  • Tileset - The generalized appearance of the dungeon structure, used to gather info on the upcoming boss
  • Mod - a Weapon Mod



Boss Name

Leading Dungeon

Leading Dungeon Notes

Boss Reward(s)

Notes / Quick Strategies

Earth Dungeon Boss Gorefist Sunken Passage Manhole Entrance & Sewer Tileset Mantle of Thorns Mod Boss spawns multiple Rot Wart adds when his body protrudes spikes
Earth Dungeon Boss Shroud The Hidden Sanctum Manhole Entrance & Sewer Tileset Rattle Weed Mod "Don't Take It It Sees!" will be written on the wall of the dungeon's first room, and the effigies in the dungeon can be ignored to avoid fighting Shroud before the boss arena
Earth Dungeon Boss Mangler The Tangled Pass Underground Entrance & Spore Tileset Seed Caller Mod This is the only boss that uses this dungeon tileset, since the other times it's used are events
Earth Dungeon Boss Riphide (Untitled) Subway Dungeon Subway Entrance & Tileset Flicker Cloak Mod This is the only boss that uses this dungeon tileset, which is reused from the subway section in the campaign before the Root Mother Fight, instead of Leto's Lab, which is traditionally before Riphide
Earth World Boss The Ent - Root Dome Arena

Normal Kill : Sporebloom

Alt Kill (Destroy Leg) : Petrified Maul

Earth World Boss Singe - Square Flaming Parking Lot Arena

Normal Kill : Spitfire

Alt Kill (Destroy Tail) : Smolder

Rhom Dungeon Boss Raze Shackled Canyon Canyon City Tileset, Riflemen & Dog Enemies Beckon Mod This is the only boss that uses this dungeon tileset, since the other use of it is for Houndmaster/Maul, who are not in survival mode
Rhom Dungeon Boss Scourge The Iron Rift Ruined Industrial Tileset Breath of the Desert Mod  
Rhom Dungeon Boss Shade & Shatter The Ardent Temple Ruined Industrial Tileset Veil of the Black Tear Mod  
Rhom World Boss Claviger  -  

Normal Kill : Particle Accelerator

Alt Kill (Absorb Adds) : World Breaker

Rhom World Boss The Harrow  -  

Normal Kill : Defiler

Alt Kill (Pull Harpoon) : Lost Harpoon

Be warned that The Harrow has an rare animation that instakills if he catches you at less than half health, try to avoid him if possible or maintain your health. Before he triggers this attack, he'll roar, run towards you and if it connects he'll impale you through the stomach, and instakill you with a unique death animation.

Corsus Dungeon Boss Canker The Drowned Trench

Flooded Cavern Tileset

Corrosive Aura Mod

Corsus Dungeon Boss The Thrall The Capillary Flooded Cavern Tileset Swarm Mod If Thrall is faced in multiplayer, it can be beneficial to leave one add alive and have one player kite it around the arena while the other player focuses damage on Thrall
Corsus Dungeon Boss Barbed Terror Needle Lair Stoney Tileset, Eggs in walls Unstable Quills Mod  
Corsus Dungeon Boss Dream Eater Hall of Whispers Stoney Tileset, Eggs in walls Rift Walker Mod Avoid the pits in the arena, they are an instant death & run ender
Corsus World Boss The Unclean One - Forest Fence Entrance

Normal Kill : Devastator

Alt Kill (Basement) : Butcher's Flail

Corsus World Boss Ixillis - Underground Burrow Entrance

Normal Kill (Kill one at a time) : Hive Cannon

Alt Kill (Kill both at same time) : Guardian Axe

Avoid falling off the bridge sides, this is an instant death & run ender
Yaesha Dungeon Boss Scald & Sear Withering Village Treetop Village Tileset Wildfire Shot Mod  
Yaesha Dungeon Boss Stormcaller Heretic's Nest Treetop Village Tileset Storm Caller Mod  
Yaesha Dungeon Boss The Warden Halls of Judgement Dungeon / Crypt Tileset Song of Swords Mod Eliminate the bells thrown by Warden to keep from being overrun by constant spawns of adds
Yaesha Dungeon Boss Onslaught Widow's Pass Dungeon / Crypt Tileset Blink Token Mod  
Yaesha World Boss The Ravager - Forest Ruin Entrance

Normal Kill : Curse Of The Jungle God

Bell Song : Scar Of The Jungle God


Bell Song: (With "South" as Arena Entrance):

Yaesha World Boss Totem Father - Underground Crypt Entrance

Blue Totem : Eye Of The Storm

Red Totem : Voice Of The Tempest

Blue Totem : Melee Minions, Ranged Boss

Red Totem : Ranged Minions, Melee Boss

Reisum Dungeon Boss Ikro, The Ice Conjurer Wuthering Keep Glacier dungeon Blizzard Mod Constantly move clockwise to avoid the deadly rotating ice storms
Reisum Dungeon Boss Erfor, The Jackal The Wild Reach Glacier dungeon Cold Spear Mod Avoid rolling off the arena or into pits, this is an instant death & run ender
Reisum Dungeon Boss Tian, The Assassin Valenhaag Mines Mines dungeon Fan of Knives Mod Avoid rolling off the arena into pits, this is an instant death & run ender
Reisum Dungeon Boss Obryk, The Shield Warden Exile's Trench Mines dungeon Frozen Mist Mod  
Reisum World Boss Brudvaak, the Rider and Vargr, the Warg - -

Kill Rider First : Alternator

Kill Warg First : Chain Blade

After the first phase is completed by killing one of the two bosses, the surviving boss will enter a rage and heal to ~80% health. Try to avoid damaging both bosses past this point in the first phase, and instead focus one; since the survivor of the two will heal.


Bosses NOT in survival mode

There are a number of notable bosses missing from Survival Mode. Their associated rewards have been added to the shops available in the labyrinth between rounds, as have all rewards / items available from Random Events (which cannot be in survival mode).

The reasons for these bosses not being present in Survival mode is unknown but likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • The boss fight can be peacefully bypassed without a fight (Brabus, Maul, etc; with the exception of Ravager)
  • The 'boss' is a story event or random event (Root Mother, Blink Thief, etc)
  • The boss is the final boss of a story campaign (Dreamer/Nightmare, Harsgaard/Harsgaard, Root Harbinger)

Notable Bosses missing from Survival Mode:

Planet Type Boss Name Possible Reason Boss Drop(s) (Available in Labyrinth Shops) Additional Boss/Arena Related Items
Earth Boss Brabus Bypassable Explosive Shot Mod Pocket Watch
Bandit Armor Set
Earth Story Boss The Root Mother Story / Event Boss    
Earth Campaign Boss Dreamer / Nightmare Campaign Boss Repulsor  
Rhom Boss Houndmaster / Maul Bypassable Howler's Immunity Mod Houndmaster's Jerky
Rhom Boss Ancient Construct Requires Key Item from Maul Iron Sentinel Mod  
Rhom Story Boss Undying King Story Boss / Bypassable Ruin Riven
Corsus Boss Iskal Queen (Boss) DLC 1 Event Boss Pride Of The Iskal
Seeker Mod
Labyrinth Armor Set
Ring Of the Unclean
Corsus Boss Mar'Gosh DLC 1 Event Boss Gift of the Iskal Carapace Armor Set
Yaesha Event Boss Blink Thief Event Boss Ricochet Rifle  
Yaesha Event Boss Root Horror Event Boss - Radiant Armor Set
Guardian's Ring
Reisum/Earth Campaign Boss Harsgaard / Harsgaard, Root Harbinger DLC 2 Campaign Boss World's Edge Fusion Rifle


Additional Notes & Available "Events"

Earth Sewer Dungeon structures can rarely contain the structure that houses Leto's Amulet. This can be noted on maps with a peculiar part of the map sticking out perpendicular from the rest of the map. The area contains 2 chests and a wall with graffiti on it reading "ONLY THE PENITENT MAN MAY PASS". By kneeling  (crouching) at the wall, you can pass under it for a free amulet (which can also be found in the labyrinth shops).

Earth Sewer Dungeon structures can also rarely contain the large heart structures from the Cult of the Root event, off in side rooms. Avoid these if possible, defeating them yields only a little scrap and nothing else.

Corsus dungeons can rarely have the Sketterling Temple events (Red Beetles), noted on the map by a perpendicular offshoot from the main path. By crouching into these areas and carefully eliminating the single red beetle can yield the team a free Amulet of Epicaricacy, Ring of the Mantis, or Iskal Hunter Band; all of which can be found within the Labyrinth Shop. Note that the black beetles can never be found here, so the Hardened Carapace they would yield cannot be obtained. These would normally be used to craft the Carapace Set, but the armor set can instead be found in the Labyrinth Shops, and randomly from chests.

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