Scrapper Set


Total Armor


Total Weight


Total Resistances
Armor Set Bonus


Increases Total Damage from all sources dealt by wearer to enemies within 5 meters. Receive 15% less damage from enemies within this range

One Piece
+7.5% Damage
Two Pieces
+15% Damage
Three Pieces
+30% Damage

Scrapper Set is an Armor Set in Remnant: From the Ashes. Scrapper Set has an armor skill that provides unique passive abilities (all sets add buffs and effects to various stats).


Where to find Scrapper Set

  • Can be acquired from Ace if you choose the Scrapper Archtype.
  • Can be purchased from Rigs.


Scrapper Set Pieces


Scrapper Set Upgrade Table

Upgrading an armor piece only increases the armor piece's stats and resistances. It does not increase the value of the Armor Skill.

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Name Total Armor
Scrapper Set  57
Scrapper Set +1 74.8
Scrapper Set +2 92.7
Scrapper Set +3 110.5
Scrapper Set +4 128.4
Scrapper Set +5 146.2
Scrapper Set +6 164.1
Scrapper Set +7 181.9
Scrapper Set +8 199.8
Scrapper Set +9 217.6
Scrapper Set +10 235.5
Scrapper Set +11 253.3
Scrapper Set +12 271.2
Scrapper Set +13 289
Scrapper Set +14 306.9
Scrapper Set +15 324.7
Scrapper Set +16 342.6
Scrapper Set +17 360.4
Scrapper Set +18 378.3
Scrapper Set +19 396.1
Scrapper Set +20 414




Scrapper Set Notes

  • The Gladiator Skin that could be pre-ordered has been made available with the base game.
  • The Armor Skill Level depends on the number of pieces you have equipped. Set pieces may be found from crates/chests, in various locations, purchased from Merchants, and by crafting it.
  • Players can equip and change their desired armor on the fly by opening the character menu.
  • These can be upgraded by crafting and using required various Crafting Materials to increase its attributes.




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    • Anonymous

      I would really love to use this set, too bad is ugly as ****, especially the helmet and the tire shoulder plate :\ Also no elbow protection WTF?

      • Anonymous

        In trivia/notes it could be mentioned that there is a pre order version of the armor. "The Gladiator Set" with yellow markings on the breastplate and helmet and orange/red/yellow markings on the tire shoulder pieces.

        • Anonymous

          This is absolutely not 2.5 meters. I think its actually 2.5 feet as you basically have to be touching them for the bonus. It's only useful for melee right now.

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